Getting Better, Trailer

Certainly feeling better after a few rough days. Getting rest, taking meds, lots of fluids…you all know the drill.


I finished cleaning and I’ve got the trailer pretty much ready to hit the road – everything is ready to go to stock up for trips. The only thing left is fixing the drips on the drain valve and sanitizing the water system. I think I’ll put some water in it to see if it washes out any debris or bugs and see if the leak stops. If it does I’ll chlorinate it next week. If not I’ll get a valve and make the fix then finish opening the system up for the season.

I saw something online where the people hauled their drinking water in a container – they don’t use their water tank for drinking. That’s something I don’t want to do or see the need to do. I got my trailer in 2016, and used it before that, and I have never had had any problems or issues drinking the water after I fill the tanks.

I always make sure to use the water up and use chlorinated water from the tap to fill the tanks. I also sanitize a second time later in the season to ensure my water supply is safe. I have worked with public water systems in my jobs the last few years and I understand potential for problems so I take no chances. As long as it doesn’t sit in your trailer for an extended period of time it should be fine.

I got the things finished that needed to be done; I still have a few extra things I want to do, like install the exterior Wi-Fi antenna and run a cable for hooking up cable TV if I’m in a campground that offers these things (and I want to use them).

The plan is to just have the TV sitting on the front dinette table and watch it sitting in the back. I can’t really find a good place to put it on a wall mount and this is an easy way to have TV.

As far as Wi-Fi, my experience is the campgrounds are not set up to handle the internet traffic. Campground internet is basically for checking email and a little website surfing – it’s not really meant for streaming and that’s what everyone is doing so nobody gets good service. Another reason they offer cable hookups. It’s also why I download movies to watch before I leave on a trip.

I have started to see more RV people out lately. I have not been in any campgrounds yet to see how the crowds are but hope to do that soon.


The weather is taking a turn tonight with some storms and cooler weather rolling in. I’m not seeing any weather alerts yet so that’s good, but I am seeing lightning flashing to the W-SW. We could get about an inch of rain.

I got out again this afternoon to cut a little more grass before the rain hits. The grass will really be taking off after the rain tomorrow and it’s supposed to rain several days next week too.

That’s it for this post. Thank you for reading.


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