Stop With the Pollen Already!, Trailer, Campgrounds

FFS…this has been horrible last few days. I don’t recall ever having this much of an issue with allergies or for such a long time. I feel like 💩 but am still trying to get things done.

I spent yesterday morning doing a few things but couldn’t take it after an hour or so and had to spend a decent day outside inside the house. That really sucks.

Today it was around 68 and sunny, but it has been worse for allergies. I put on an N95 mask and went outside to throw the ball for the dogs. I then did a few more things in the trailer. I got in an hour or two then went back into the lower pollen atmosphere of the house. Masking up helped cut back on the allergens quite a bit.


I put some storage bins above the rear dinette that will be for clothes, towels and groceries. Then I took out the mattress and put the dinette cushions back in the trailer – first time in over a year they have been in there. For now I’ll figure out an additional pad and maybe get a double sleeping bag for it. I do like the mattress, and it is very comfortable, but I can use it in the house.

Taking the mattress out will probably save additional pounds so it might help save fuel; there’s a small benefit, but those small things do add up!

I have one or two more compartments/drawers to go through to clean and then it’s just vacuuming and wiping down surfaces and the windows. It’s too early to start the water system up; I think it might be okay but there has been frost still so I’ll just wait.

I can still dry camp if I want to go somewhere. I’d just have to haul a jug of water for washing my body, cooking, drinking and cleaning up dishes.

For me, it is pretty exciting getting everything ready to roll. It’s a chance to clean thoroughly, organize, and thin out the stuff you found out you don’t really need to take…just like backpack travel! Then, it’s on the road to discover whatever I find along the way.

It’s also exciting to be looking forward to getting out traveling and seeing some new places. It will be odd traveling with two dogs now but they love to hop in the truck and take off to anywhere.


I still have a KOA membership but I think I will not be renewing it. Most, but not all, of my stays in privately-owned “campgrounds” have been an experience I didn’t like and it’s a huge problem to me; these are supposed to be campgrounds and not subdivisions. There’s way too many full-time residents, and some with janky rigs surrounded by junk. It ruins the camping spirit.

I actually live near one of these places and they advertise as an RV park for camping. There are no open spots – every space someone is living in. But, it seems to be how things are now.

That means I’ll look for my spot elsewhere! As long as it is safe to stay somewhere I’m good. With the trailer being self-contained I don’t have to worry about utilities so I can take advantage of primitive sites with fewer people.

Hopefully you are planning some travels of your own!

That’s all for now. Until next time, ✌🏼.


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