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Had some potentially serious storms move through earlier this week. There was originally a good chance for some real meteorological nastiness but the local weather gurus said the cold front moved ahead of the storm front and took a lot of the fight out of it. Since I don’t have cable or a satellite dish I was staying on top of it between my phone and the aforementioned local weather gurus. Got concerned for about an hour or so at one point but nothing ever came out of it.

Hopefully the winds will stop for a while. My allergies have been giving me a real problem the last several days with all the dust, smoke, and pollen blowing around. It’s looking like it’s going to be even worse over the weekend, which sucks since the weather should be nice and I planned on being outside.


Damn the allergies…full speed ahead. I got outside this morning to work on a few things. First up was to construct a platform in the back of my truck to organize trailer gear for trips.

I did this before but took it back out as it didn’t suit my needs as I built it. This time I have built it differently and can still get bigger items in; my previous system did not allow for larger items like the e-bike, cooler and generator but I found a way around the problem (unfortunately I don’t think Rider’s kennel will fit). I’m doing this since camping season is coming up; it’s much easier to access things if they are in bins/compartments and not just stacked up on top of each other.

I try to put heavier things in the truck as opposed to the trailer. Storage space is obviously an issue in a small trailer, but mainly it’s the weight I’m concerned with. You have to be aware how much weight you put in the trailer and the tongue weight limit is very important.

I also prefer to have the weight in my truck because I just feel it is better to not tow any more weight than is necessary, like carrying water in the tank for off-grid. I don’t know if it makes a difference with fuel economy.

After I was done building the new version I put the trailer spare in first then got some storage bins out and started to plan packing. I built it to fit the trailer spare tire and a couple of under-bed storage bins I already had. Everything fits perfectly. I got those bins loaded up with water hose & filter, hammock, tarps and other assorted things I need. Plus, I think if I remove three screws I can take the platform out in minutes with only a screwdriver!

New travel setup in the back of my truck – might make a few changes from this initial setup

As I am typing this I’m looking at the picture and I might swap the stuff in the two left compartments. I think it will support the tire okay on top. It would give me for room to add a second chair below and maybe something else like the power cord. I’ll put a stop on the front edge to keep stuff in place if nothing is behind to do that.


Next up was starting on the trailer. Since I am using the trailer for mainly trips now I am going to take everything out and give it a good cleaning – then I’ll be assessing what has to go back in for trips and the rest goes in storage or gotten rid of. Less weight means better gas mileage and more room for things I really need.

I got a little bit done in there before stopping for the day and grilling up some salmon burgers. I started with the storage under the front dinette just inside the right side of the door. I have my pots & pans in there (but I’m not sure that’s where they will stay). I took out the pans I had in there and cleaned the compartment. I swapped out the pans for the stainless steel I have in the house. I did this because I plan on getting an induction burner for using in the trailer to cut down on propane use when possible.

Next I cleaned out the overhead storage area above the rear bed/dinette. I’m not sure what will end up where when I’m done but I do have a few changes in mind. For now, I’m going to take things out to clean cabinets and such then remove the things I no longer need to carry.

After things have been gone through I can finish organizing. Storage tubs for clothes and towels; there will probably be groceries in some containers & tubs for ease of organizing and storage.

As you have read in these pages previously, you know I swear by packing cubes when I throw a backpack on to travel. They make travel so much easier no matter how near or far you go so…why not organize the trailer like that? I’m trying to adopt these new (to me) ideas and I think it’s going to work out great.

I was looking for something in the trailer and in one compartment where I have my black tank enzyme packs I saw what looked to be a little mouse damage. It was minor but still concerning so I’ll be picking up some peppermint packets to put in the trailer.


That’s about it for this post. It was a busy and very productive day today. I’m tired and sore…on top of sneezing.

Until next time…


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