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Today the weather started out out being grey, fairly warm and humid, but then it became a lazy, rainy day. Along with the rain the cold front started to work it’s magic and the temps dropped. Early on there was talk of a chance of snow (boo) this evening but it wouldn’t amount to much. It has been a good day to catch up on some videos in front of a roaring ; fire.


I watched some interesting shows today. I watched two episodes of a Canada travel show. These two episodes were about places of interest in the Atlantic Provinces and also Dawson on the west side in BC.

Dawson reminded me of some of the mountain towns in Colorado but the Atlantic Provinces reminded me of both New England and Ireland – it got me excited to get there and see that whole area in person.

After that was an interesting documentary called “The Gardener”. It’s about a guy who did all of this incredible landscaping around his property in Canada and has helped with legendary gardens around the world. I’d love to check it out when I get to Canada at some point.

Then an episode of “An Idiot Abroad” where Karl goes to India. The series is mainly about his misery but there is a lot of good travel content and some off the wall adventures.

I finished up the evening entertainment by really torturing myself by starting to binge Season 1 of “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy”. It made me want to travel even more than I always want to travel, but more importantly it got my cooking interest fired back up.


I grabbed some lunch lasagna out of the freezer and took note of what was in the big freezer. I decided to go ahead and move everything from the upright freezer into the refrigerator in the kitchen. I had just enough space for everything but left out the pizza dough to thaw for a wood-fired pizza in my Ooni this weekend.

The big freezer is now unplugged and thawing out, saving energy and money. I’ll be cooking more often now and that’s a good thing; I can try out new recipes I’ve intended to try and stay a little busier every day instead of binge-cooking. It helps that it’s warming up a bit so I can cook outside.

It’s really been too cold and rainy to fire up the hibachi to do my lamb kofta skewers but it’s getting closer. The warmer days all have a chance of rain, but I may just try making that next week despite the weather so the lamb is now thawing in the fridge. I can fire it up in front of the garage and get it under the overhang to stay dry. I have all the ingredients and real charcoal lumps so it’s time to get this thing done.

Hmmm…wonder how that might be on a pizza…


That is today’s post. See you next time.

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  1. Stanley Tucci and lamb on pizza, right after I just made a visit to the garage to “check on security?” That’s savage!

    • “Ole St. Patrick”…Irish and Norwegian? 🤣

      Hahaha. Glad to get your attention! Hope all is well at the St. Patrick hut!

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