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It was a nice sunny day today – 62° F – but breezy. Ig was still warm enough to be outside without long sleeves in the afternoon. Seemed like a good idea to go out and split some firewood since it will be cooling down the next few days after tomorrow’s rain.

I grabbed a few firewood blocks and hit them with the ax. It’s not the ideal tool to split wood with but I have to put a new handle on the maul because it’s broken.

Using my incredible strength to split these logs, I cracked the ax handle but did not realize it. As I slid my hand up the handle to take another swing I felt pain. At that moment I realized the handle was split and I ran the sharpest part into my hand in two spots. Can’t spilt any more wood with a split handle or an injured paw. That’s enough work for now! I got enough wood split for a few days plus there is still the furnace so I’ll be warm.

I quickly washed with soap & water then applied antibacterial bandages on the punctures. It still hurts and probably will still hurt tomorrow. I just hope I don’t get any complications form it – one puncture went pretty deep.


When I was on the way back from KC a few days ago, I wanted to stop at a store to browse a bit. The store was in Kansas City, KS and I remember going there when I was a kid. I remember it was kind of a hardware kind of place but has since turned into a thrift store..

And what a thrift store. I walked in the door and was floored…


This place looked like a hoard. There was stuff literally everywhere and aisles so narrow you had to turn sideways – some just stopped. There had to have been tens of thousands of dishes, thousands of pots & pans and lots of virtually anything else you can think of. I don’t k now if there was even any heat in the building and I felt like I needed a shower after I left. However, it was an interesting place.

I went in looking for vintage restaurant/diner dishes. I saw some stuff that interested me but there’s so much stuff the lights cannot get everywhere so you can’t see things in detail very well. I did find three oval diner dishes but will go back with a headlamp on so I can see things better. There were a few heavy ceramic mugs so I will go back and maybe grab those too.

Still looking for vintage plates anywhere though! I’d like to find some with names of restaurants, hotels, and wherever else. This will be an ongoing thing whenever I take a drive and find interesting shops to look in.


I got the wok out and made up some stir-fry for dinner. It was good to do some cooking – it’s very therapeutic and so rewarding when it turns out good. I have been doing so much “big” cooking – large amounts for meal prep. I may just stop doing that and go back to cooking more often.

It’s not like I am crushed for time or anything and since I do enjoy cooking I might as well make fresh meals most every day. Still is hard to cook for just one, but I can scale the recipes back to make less. I can also unplug the big freezer to save energy & money.


A few weeks back I watched “The Banshees of Inisherin”, the Irish movie that was nominated for several (and won a few) Academy Awards. It’s a tragicomedy but the acting, scenery and cinematography is fantastic. It is not a movie for everyone with its very dark comedy and Irish brogue. I actually bought it on iTunes and plan to watch it again soon.


That’s about it for this post. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog! If you have any questions please send me a message.

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