Travel With an Old Friend

I’ve gone tens of thousands of miles with this on the console

As I mentioned a post or two back, I went to get a new road atlas to replace my older one. I actually had gotten a new one last year but I wanted to have the most current one in my truck. I am setting aside last year’s edition for my trailer since the one in there is 14 years old and I know of many new roads not listed in the old one.

That particular old atlas has more than a few memories in it. As I thumbed through what’s left that atlas with the well-worn pages and taped-on cover, I relived my move from Colorado to Washington – the very same journey that started this blog in 2012. I had decided that as I went along I would highlight my route on the pages of that atlas for posterity and future offline reference. I would mark the US map then go to each state map for highlighting more detail on my trips.

Travel during 2012

My plan was to get a new atlas each year for my trips, but I only did that for a year or two then stopped. I have this uncanny knack for remembering directions and places I have been so I finally decided to just rely on that and this blog. No more highlighting of maps for now.

I looked at the map above and decided to highlight the roads I have been on the last nearly 13 years (but not before) for the heck of it. I found that I have been on most major interstate highways in the Western US and many secondary highways.

Some of my travels since 2012

You don’t really realize how far you’ve traveled until you see it like this. However, there’s so much more. These are just the major roads; the secondary roads and things like gravel and forest roads are detailed on the state maps. Plus there’s two trips to Europe and driving across Ireland and the Eastern US states I have been to (all except ME, VT & NH).

Also many places I went to were when I was on the road doing stage lighting. We always tried to see and do as much as we could wherever we were and had the free time. Certainly there are many places I would not have gotten to if not for that. Perhaps I still would have tried for all 50 states otherwise, but I have usually only made my own trips to places I WANTED to see.

So yeah…I do love to travel.

It’s not about bragging rights or anything like that; it’s about discovering new things and places, new foods and cultures…maybe even finding out things about oneself. It’s also not about being on social media. It’s simply just for me.

However I do know how fortunate my travels have been. I’ve seen and done more than some, but not as much as others.

So, do I toss out the old atlas or put it away? I have a new one…but there are those highlights and it’s a bit of my story.

I think I’ll just put it away for now.

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