Travel Article, Ha Ha Ha

I came across a good travel article that I thought would be worth passing along because there’s some good points in it. Parts of it may seen drastic – or even ridiculous – to some, but I think overall it is good advice and it’s how my travels have been for many years.

I have sung the praises one-bag traveling in this blog before; no checked bags, carrying the minimum while still being comfortable, and grabbing things I need while traveling instead of hauling everything with.

I have also talked previously about some of the points in the article, like places to eat (why eat at someplace I can eat at when I’m home?) and hotel amenities (free toiletries and breakfasts).

I try to use public transit as much as possible when traveling, but sometimes you cannot help it. You do have to look into car rental drawbacks, such as parking and congestion fees, but in a place like Ireland it’s the way to get to most anywhere easier with the sparse public transit.

One point I diverge on a bit is souvenirs and the article talks about pictures instead. For one thing, maybe people don’t want to watch a slideshow. I don’t usually buy many souvenirs unless it is something for someone else; I buy very few things for me. I am more about the experiences than the things. But I will be starting to buy a few unique things for myself.

I travel this way be it road trips & airlines, domestic & international. I think there’s really no need to change your travel style (you are still traveling) plus it gives you opportunity to fine-tune your methods.


I saw a hidden-camera video about a sushi stand and it was pretty funny. There were sushi samples on the counter and people would come up and get a piece of sushi.

Well, while they were chewing their sushi the “sushi chef” was rolling up another a sushi roll, but with a twist. After he wrapped the seaweed wrapper around the roll, he would pick it up and lick the seaweed and close the roll like he was rolling a big joint – right in front of the people with a mouthful of sushi! Needless to say they were all disgusted and one or two spit out their food. A very clever bit.


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