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Yesterday I did some running around. First stop was to get food for the dogs. They are on a special diet (of course) and of course it’s not cheap food. But, Rider has some food allergies so I have to buy special food. They are worth it to me.

I made another stop on the way back and had a good laugh. Two ladies had a cart in a store. One lady was pulling the cart as the other one was wearing dark glasses and walked behind the cart.

I thought that was weird…until I saw the shirt the one behind the cart had on. It said “I Drive a Stick” and under that was a picture of a blind person’s cane. I cracked up laughing and told them that shirt was hilarious. The lady pulling the cart started laughing but the other one was too busy on the phone. What a great shirt. Nothing wrong with laughing at oneself.

I also made a stop at AAA to get some maps and a new road atlas. My old atlas was from 2012 and I needed an updated version. I also grabbed some free maps of several states. The maps are free to members but the atlas I had to buy. Nice thing is the individual maps tie into the AAA atlas for points of interest.

I’m so ready to go somewhere and wanted to get maps for the places I want to visit. I’m looking at future trips and needed updated info for that as well as day trips to various places.

I think Europe is going to have to wait until next year. It’s really disappointing to me in a sense but I have to also be sensible. I will be saving up a lot of money to have an even better and bigger adventure when I can go. I am still looking at destinations there and will be using the time for more planning this time to maximize time, money, and travel.

I finally decided I just need to narrow down my options and not do too much. Road trips here and going to Europe is a lot of time and money so I really need to dial it back a bit.

This year is looking to be more about road trips – to get those last three states and some other new places I want to see. Plus I’d like to get back to Colorado.

I really miss Colorado the more I think about it. A ton of memories for certain, but it’s the one place I have always truly loved no matter where I’m at. There’s many places I want to go back to there and now I have the trailer to take there.

That’s all for now.

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