Something New – Today’s Prompt

My blogging app has recently made some changes and one of them is a daily “prompt”, asking you a question that you answer in a blog post. I think this might be interesting to do. I won’t be doing this I unless I find the question interesting. Here’s my first one to post.

What experiences in life helped you grow the most?

(Feels like I’m in school again!)

I have had many experiences but I think about a few things.

I think the biggest one is having kids. They show us so much that we don’t realize we are relearning our selves. The innocence, the curiosity…the fact that most everything is new to them. They know no hatred (except maybe vegetables) but they also learn what they are taught.

Another thing I go back to is travel. You learn so much about you and the world around you. It’s like being a kid ourselves once again. you learn that everyone in the world is the same.

I think one last thing is moving away from where I grew up. I guess it is very similar to what travel does, but moving to a new place to live gives you more of an outlook on society between where you came from and where you now call home. I learned much about where I grew up by leaving. I’ll leave it at that.

Perhaps if you are reading this you will think about this question as well. There’s certainly no correct answer, and I really think there’s not just one answer.

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