A Trip to KC

I decided today to go take care of my errands. I had to return something to a store. After that I dropped off my heating sids to Costco to hopefully get the damn things working right again as well as picking up a few items.

I then worked my way east towards Kansas City. I stopped at a western store called Nigro’s to get a pair of Levis since they are the cheapest place I found to get them. And, no…I did not get a Stetson or boots.

The next stop was the one I was really looking forward to. I have talked before about my favorite Mexican restaurant, Taqueria el Chavo in Cashmere, WA. I took every opportunity possible to eat there as their food is the real deal.

No, I didn’t drive to WA. I went here:

Pay no attention to the bars on the window…

This grocery/restaurant is located in Kansas City, KS and is one I found in The Pitch. They open at 07:00 and close at 20:00. I got there around 11:30 and right after I sat down the place started to fill up.

This was absolutely delicious and authentic Mexican food. I ordered four tacos – one was pastor, which is marinated pork cooked on a spit oven like a shawarma (I love me some shawarma!); one was carnitas, which was deep-fried pork; one was buche (also called hog mogs) which is made from pig stomachs; and the last one was lengue, which is beef tongue. I believe the picture below is in that order from top to bottom.

They have a bar with toppings consisting of a pico, five different sauces, onion, cilantro, a type of slaw, and something else I cannot recall. I tried four of the sauces, and that orangey-looking one at the top of the picture was pretty damn spicy. That was probably the hottest one of the bunch but it was delicious, as were the rest of them. The green sauce looks to be a tomatillo sauce. I did not try the standard red one though. Next time!

All four tacos were different, with the first two definitely having a crunchiness as you would expect. The last two were soft & tender and just as delicious though different. Next time I’ll try the meat by itself to get a better taste.

Before you go “ewwwwwww!” like I would have done in years past, it is worth a try. After eating real haggis in Scotland this was not a big deal. I’m just as guilty saying ”I ain’t eating that” in my younger days but I’ll admit that I have really been missing out not trying this stuff earlier in life. For me it was always more about what it is.

Of course, good food is more widely available now than it was when I was growing up, especially in the Midwest. I also think people are more open to ethnic tastes these days instead of every meal being meat, potatoes, white bread & butter.

That was today’s adventure. Go eat adventurously! Try new things!

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