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I woke up this morning feeling like I should get off my backside and do something of a productive nature so I decided to go ahead and move some of the brush piles with my truck. I got most of five piles moved to the pile by the pond – I shall call it “habitat”.

I say ”most” because those piles stopped many leaves from blowing’ on down the yard. I’ll wait until the winds blow those away and clean up the crumbs. Some of the piles were small so those were easy to clear out. It certainly looks better, and I’ve been out doing other things to clean up the yard when it’s been nice.

It rained about 3/4” a few days ago so it was a bit soft in a couple of spots spots hauling brush. Didn’t damage the ground too much as I drove to and fro. I tried to get as much done as I could while the ground was still frozen but that didn’t last very long.

My truck is a pain to haul stuff like that. It’s only got a 5 ½’ bed and it’s narrow so I t doesn’t really hold much. That’s why I want to get a trailer to haul everything I need to haul.

I have discovered another house issue I have got to deal with very soon. I found some places where birds are getting in. It looks like they might be getting in behind the siding and we cannot be having that. It’s not egg-laying time yet so I gotta make sure the adult birds are out before I close it up (there’s actually three spots I have to somehow fix; two won’t be bad but the third spot is going to require some creativity. I’m not really sure why this was left like this; perhaps it was overlooked and forgotten when the siding was installed.

I also am looking at unhooking & pulling the wood stove out to clean the lower part of the pipe and the stove. It’s going to be a filthy job but it’s looking like it needs it badly and cannot really wait until it’s not being used. I do run it pretty hot to keep things clear but you can’t stop all of it. I certainly don’t want a chimney fire.

Twisted up some vegetarian burritos for the freezer after I got done moving the brush. They have cilantro rice, taco-seasoned black beans, cheese, plant-based meat crumbles and diced onions with a little peri-peri sauce. I was thinking about the size of store-bought frozen burritos and mine are a bit larger and it was probably still cheaper than buying them. Last package I bought I swore I’d never buy them again. They are tiny-ass burritos. Plus, I know what’s in mine.

I have another pack of tortillas so this weekend those may turn into breakfast burritos with some peppers, onions, salsa and cheese.

I decided to go ahead and move the antenna cable over and hook the TV back up just to have something different to watch again. I really tried to not hook it up but I’ve been watching movies over & over and needed something new to watch. It is nice for local news & weather if there’s storms.

That’s all for now.

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