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Well poop.

Today, the last of my three pairs of Levi’s 501 jeans had a blowout. Unrepairable. That’s right, I have lost three pairs of perfectly good 501s in the last two weeks. Those things are not cheap to replace either. Good thing I have some other pants to wear.

I decided to go do laundry today while I was going to be out clearing the donations outta my truck. Glad to have that stuff out of the way so I have more room to keep going.

After I got back I decided to clean up a bit outside and pile garbage bags in one spot so it’s all ready to go when I get the trailer rented to haul brush and make a dump run. I guess the transfer station gives you one cleanup day per household each year. I need to get more details on how this works so when I’m close to doing the trailer I’ll ask, if not before because I’m curious and I want to get it done.

I was getting things together to haul off yesterday – both for donations and for the dump – before I ran some errands. I’ve made a dent in a part of the basement the last two days, and got some junk cleared away from the house. I have started a metal (🤘🏼) pile for scrap to help someone make some money. I’ve already got a good start on loading the truck up with donations again. I’m able to keep a lot of stuff out of the landfills but some things are just junk, garbage, or ruined by rodents. I’m having to toss much more than I wanted to toss out.

I go in thrift stores often (not as much recently with all the illnesses going around) to see if there’s some hard-to-find items I’m looking for. Lately the pickings are very slim but luckily the have most everything I need and want.

There is a local hardware store in the area that is legendary for their inventory; if they don’t have it, you don’t need it. The only one I have found marginally better was an old school hardware store right downtown in Kansas City, MO. I can’t remember the name but that place had been around probably 100 years when I was in there in the 80s.

A few weeks ago I went to IKEA and grabbed a few food things I found interesting. I go there to look at only a few things like kitchen stuff, food items (you know me), and maybe some of their electronic devices. One thing I picked up was this drink:

A very interesting drink

I wasn’t sure what to expect, yet it’s what I expected. I can only describe it as it tastes just like the holidays. You can taste all the flavors on the label. It’s pretty sweet, but is is delicious. You could even add a shot to it, like Grey Goose and put it over ice to cut a little sweetness from it. Pick up a bottle if you get the chance.

That’s all for today’s episode!

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