Strangers in a Van, FFS…Really?, More Work Around the House, Botox, (not much) Rain,

I came across an article yesterday that I thought was pretty cool.

The article talked about some people in the airport in Orlando, FL left stranded on their way to Knoxville, TN after a flight by Frontier was cancelled (like what happened to Meghan & I in 2016). Get what you pay for.

These folks – 13 complete strangers – decided to rent a van and make a road trip together to get to TN. It sounded like one hell of an interesting trip to me and you can bet I’d have been in that van myself if I’d have been there. What a great adventure!

Apparently, next year is the beginning of the end for air travel in the EU. For the most part flying sucks bad enough, with the security issues, cancellations, and those entitled asshats of the world you hear about in the news. The EU has decided that it will be just dandy to allow said asshats to make phone calls on planes with their phones. I’m sure the Karens of the world will be happy. I’m sure AF not.

It’s absolutely horrible news. I hate being subjected to the phone calls of others anywhere, let alone being surrounded by them on a damn plane. I’ll be trying to avoid flying in Europe as much as possible after that brilliant piece of stupidity takes effect. Hopefully it doesn’t take effect on international or U. S. domestic flights.

I know there’s been a lot of confusion about cell phone service and interactions with flight instruments. I have been on many flights where people next to me are texting & surfing the internet while in flight and we never crashed. I know they are not using the onboard Wi-Fi since that is always unusable while in the air since every is connected to it. The people I have seen online are blazing through websites. But I STILL don’t want cellphone calls on a plane.

I really hope this stupid rule is rescinded. It will cause nothing but problems and will make it impossible to hear anything else. It will just absolutely suck.

Today I did more shuffling, thinning, consolidating and repacking of some things in the house again. I was able to make good progress the last two days. I loaded the boxed stuff in truck this afternoon to donate. A small dent in the process but it’s forward momentum.

Sometime soon I plan to start bagging the transfer station-bound items and getting that stuff outside to get it out of the way. I still plan on getting a trailer but I still hate to touch it twice to make room to work on the rest. Have to make it worth renting a trailer.

I have had my stuff in plastic tubs the last 10+ years as I have moved between the 25 different addresses I’ve lived at. I was able to combine several things and ended up freeing up four tubs in the process. I did repack two of those with stuff from the house to organize things better, but even so it was good to get some more done around here.

Lately I have seen a few commercials for Botox treatments for wrinkles. I wonder how well it works; there were two ladies who had her hair down and had a few lines (but not horribly bad) in the “Before” segment. In the “After” segment their hair is pulled back. I wonder if they pulled her hair back tight and it stretched her skin tight! Sorry, this is the stuff that pops out of my brain. 🤣🤣🤣

We never really got much rain today but there’s more chance on the way. It’s supposed to be pretty cold next week so we might see some snow showers. I don’t like the snow much these days but we need the precipitation in whatever form.

That’s it for now. Thanks for stopping by.

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