Feeling Good, Truck Fixed So I’ll Be Traveling Soon!, Cooking, More Work Around the House

I’m pretty much back to normal (I guess that may depend on who you ask…🤣🤣🤣). Feeling pretty good and doing my best to stay healthy. Another grocery delivery to avoid crowds and pretty much staying home, however I did a quick run into a few places while out today.

I was out today getting the truck fixed. I’m so glad to have that fixed, and even more after I saw the part. It was not in good shape – actually worse than I expected – so I’m glad that is taken care of. Now I can get out on some adventures once again! While I was out I made a few stops to grab a few things, but lately I’ve really been trying to avoid crowds as much as possible with all the sickness going around. I got another grocery delivery a few days ago, and I must say it is very handy.

Got some rain coming tomorrow so I’m not certain adventures will happen that fast, but I do need to get a few errands taken care of tomorrow. Those are actually a bigger priority than any long road trip, plus tomorrow it is supposed to be raining so it would be pointless anyhoo. But, I plan to be be doing a trip soon. It is supposed to cool off in a few days plus a little more rain so I might be delayed a little more.

Been getting more cooking done. Got my opened cartons of chicken broth turned into chicken & noodles a few days ago. I think I now have enough soup for a while! It turned out pretty good too.

Got a few more things done around the house today when I got back. I got some more work done on the gutter drainage. I found a few sticks of downspout in the barn and they are longer than the flexible drain pipes I bought. I ended up adding those on the ends of the longer drains to get the water even further away.

While doing some digging for the drainage I discovered some more landscaping fabric in a few spots I wasn’t expecting to see that. I’m really not sure what all was done with the fabric but I know I found a lot in the front of the house and I think it was done to try to stop the basement from leaking (and it didn’t work). I think that I have a lot of work to do to get this fixed like it needs to be fixed.

After the drainage modifications I also got several things sorted out for donating and a few things tossed out. There’s still so much work to do with not only the drainage and yard but the other stuff, like the needed repairs and so much more stuff to go through – which will probably end up being mostly tossed out due to damage from various things.

I think that’s it for this late (where I am) hour. Thanks for reading my blog. Feel free to subscribe if you’d like.

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