Up on the Rooftop & Down on the Ground, Un-gardening, Gardening, Birds, Some Very Nice Weather…But Too Nice to Cook, A Good Score

I put together a “S*** To Do Around Here” list and got one thing checked off this morning after I got back from the city. I got on the roof and finished installing the last eight feet of gutter leaf guard that needed to be done. Glad I got it finished up when I did as it got pretty windy afterwards, and wind + gravity = big medical bills. I had installed the rest of the pieces just before my dad got sick but then it became a low priority like most everything else when that happened.

But, it’s done now and after that I got back on the roof with the garden hose to rinse the dirt & debris off of all the gutter covers and the stuff wedged behind the splash guards. Even with the covers the dirt and detritus still needs cleaned off once a year so the guards don’t get weighed down and collapse. I’m glad to have that project done with all the leaves still on the trees waiting to fall.

I do need to get back on the roof for another item on the list – sweep the chimney and clean the stove out good. That can be messy but I did pretty good the last time I cleaned one in CO. I’d definitely rather have a little mess than any size chimney fire. I don’t know if I can reach it without a ladder on the roof and I’m not excited about that, but I have a step ladder I can lean on the uphill side of the chimney. It will be sketchy doing it. Again, that gravity thing.

There were a couple of big plastic planters with weeds growing in them so I dumped one to fill a low spot in the yard; ended up that it was full of thousands of ants and far away from the house is the best place for dropping that. The other I put in a low spot next to the house – an area prone to leaking inside the basement. Sloping the ground away from the house, and running downspouts as far as possible, helps keep the water out and drain to the yard away from the foundation. I made this a priority to do as much as possible to stop the leaks from the outside. Every little bit helps and it is free to do a lot of it other than some sweat equity.

I also got the froze-dead plants pulled up and put into the compost pile. It certainly looks much better without all the dead stuff. Probably not happening this year, but I’m going to rent a tiller to bust up the ground in front of the house to landscape and get the drainage right and use the excess dirt to fill in some areas. The yard does need some work in many spots but I am only worrying about the part I use.

I had to pull up my basil plant and toss it into the compost pile. Unfortunately it was getting black spots on it and even though I was trimming it they just kept coming on. I pinched off a start to root in water and I’ll just start over with a new plant. I already harvested a bunch to dry so I’ll be keeping this one small and more under control. I just need enough to garnish and cook with fresh.

The birds are loving the birdbath on this nice day. With it being so dry I’m sure they have a hard time finding water easily so I try to keep it filled. I have had several different kinds of birds; cardinals, chickadees, robins, blue jays, what I think is a red-bellied woodpecker, sparrows, and a few others I have not identified yet.

It’s been a nice day to be outside doing some things even though it’s been very windy. The high today was around 84 and it’s looking like the next few days it will be nice, too, so I’ll be taking advantage of that to knock a few more to-dos off my list. It was pretty warm, though, and I had to close up the house as it was getting kinda hot inside. I already covered up the A/C compressor outside and there’s really no sense uncovering and using it for just one day…maybe two.

I was hoping to cook some more on Sunday but I don’t want to heat up the house. I will put it off until next week when it cools back down. I need to use the oven for oat bars so I want to take advantage of that heat for the house. Plus the stovetop will help heat things up too. It will be cooling down and they have upped the rain chances starting Sunday night through Tuesday (yay). I should be able to do some serious cooking Tuesday.

It’s getting to be that time of year for chili in the slow cooker so I will be looking around for a somewhat healthy recipe. Except for the occasional thing I want to try for the first time, I usually avoid packaged mixes as a rule because of the massive amounts of sodium. I think I have been making it fairly healthy but I have to revisit my recipe. If I make it vegetarian (like the last few batches) I can eat it more often and I am fine with that on a cold winter’s day.

A week or two ago Chelsea texted and told me the neighbors were tossing out what looked to be a pretty decent patio set – a glass-top table and four chairs but without cushions. I said I would be right there and it turned out to be in pretty good shape. One chair needs some webbing for the seat cushions and I happen have some on hand but I’ll be looking for a deal on cushions. A spray with a rattle-can to freshen the color up and it’ll ready to go next year except for an umbrella.

That’s all for today.

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