A Few More Things off the List, The Winds Are Blowing But the Leaves Aren’t, Drought, Speeding Bike, Another Beautiful Evening, Jealous Dogs, Travel

Yesterday morning I worked in the shed, organizing and cleaning up mouse turds everywhere. It was horrible. But, I left the shop vac outside and just went as far as the hose would reach; that way the nasty exhaust air was blowing outside. I had on my N95 mask but still trying hard to avoid that nasty air. I also sprayed Spray 9 on the carpet inside to kill the nasties. That’s some serious cleaner and is good stuff.

After I finished that, I ended up moving some things from the garage into the aforementioned shed to get more room in said garage. Plus I don’t like storing fuel inside a house. Not worth the risk. I have some storage tubs I was able to pack some stuff in to keep the mice/rats out. It’s nice to get some extra space and make good use of those bins.

I was done with that and I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to go shower the mouse off. Nasty little bastards carry lots of disease and I’m glad I had a mask on but I wanted a damn shower. It felt so good to wash that stuff off. I’m hoping that between the mouse bait, removing their habitat and actively using the shed the mice will go away.

The dogs wanted to go for a ride and I needed to go get spray foam for my next To Do so we made a run to town. Those two love to get in the truck and go anywhere. This is a job for tomorrow morning.

This morning I sealed the front porch from inside the basement using spray foam insulation. The gap I needed to fill is where the walls meet the porch, which is the roof of the storm shelter below. Much to my surprise, I opened up the door to the room under the porch and there was a baby garter snake. I caught him and released him back in the wilds then grabbed the spray foam and went to work.

I don’t think the gap under the porch is big enough to let much through, but I cannot have snakes & frogs in the basement. That’s more than unacceptable. I’m mainly sealing it against leaks. Not sure if it IS leaking, but it will help with insects too. And I am always on the lookout for more places that need sealed up.

The winds have been horrendous all day, but really the last three days have been very windy. We had a 12-second shower this afternoon but it was so windy it just whisked right along and didn’t drop much. We need more water than that but tonight’s the night for rain they say. Winds have picked up so there’s some storms on the way.

Even with the winds there’s still a lot of leaves that have not fallen. The maples and oaks are holding out pretty good especially with the nice temps. But it’s going to cool down again and that will be that.

A guy just flew by on a Harley doing about 80 mph. It’s dark out and animals are on the roadways. I hope he gets to where he’s headed safely. Makes me cringe a little still after my wreck.

It’s so nice sitting outside tonight. The dogs are sprawled out on the porch on each side of the porch swing while I type this. They are good companions and they don’t ask for much. Rumor is a bit needy still so that’s a work in progress. But they get along and don’t have any issues other than maybe a little jealousy!

I’m so ready to go somewhere and see something. I really need it. I’d be just as happy with a day trip or two as I would a longer trip at this moment. I actually came across the name of a place I have not been to for, let’s just say, many years. Thinking about the trips I took there those many years ago really gave me the urge to go somewhere.

We’ll see what unfolds. Until next time, thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog.

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