I saw an article a few hours ago that is pretty damn scary and should be a wake up call for all of us.

There will be no snow crab season this year in Alaska.

Why? Ninety percent of the crab population in the Bering Sea – approximately one BILLION crabs – have disappeared due to climate change.

Think about that. A billion – that’s 1,000,000,000 – crabs have just disappeared. I don’t give a damn about the prices that will be astronomical; I give a damn about the science behind this travesty. This is a serious warning shot across the bow of the S.S. Humanity.

I could climb up on my soapbox and rail about human arrogance, stupidity and not believing in science…but I won’t. We’ve seen it all in abundance the past few years. I just wanted to pass along this extraordinarily shocking news.

Now, onto other stuff.

Been a busy week this past week. Meghan is here showing a couple of her Aussies at a show this weekend. Earlier this week my granddaughter Emery celebrated a birthday by camping out with some friends in a pop-up camper in the back yard.

First thing in the week I went through more stuff to take to the transfer station to dispose of. I’ll be tackling the plumbing repair next week plus continuing the cleanup. There’s so much to do around here it’s hard to figure out where to start, but I got a good bit of stuff gone through last week and tossed out.

Cold weather is rearing its ugly head and it’s looking like a serious hard freeze a few mornings early in the upcoming week. I’ll be picking as much of my produce as possible to save what I can save. I don’t think many of the tomatoes are far enough along to be fully developed but I’ll try to save some of them. The peppers are really going good so I have already picked some. I’ll pick more tomorrow and try to get them roasted on the grill.

I’ll be making salsa next week and doing some more cooking. It’s time to make up a big batch of some raspberry oat bars to snack on something sweet that’s healthy. I’ll be making up some breakfast burritos and some refried bean & cheese burritos.

With the past week being so busy I still need to look at some travel plans so that’s on my agenda for the next few weeks. I’ve been looking at articles and making notes about places I’d like to go and experience.

That’s about all the cheeriness for this posting.

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