February 10, 2022

It was another nice day today and we have one more tomorrow before it cools off some.

Spent a lot of time outside today since it was a nice day. I finally busted out the wok burner I bought a few weeks ago, I had not even taken it out of the box yet. I decided to get it out and actually use it when I was getting some groceries today. I picked up some chicken thighs to stir fry with some veggies.

It turned out pretty decent for my first real stir fry. I made a plate for Meghan with hoisin sauce, and I had some Szechuan stir fry. I served both with brown/wild rice mix. Mine had a bit o’ fire to it but both batches turned out good.

It was the first time I felt I could actually cook something right in a wok. Doing it on the stove it just didn’t get hot enough. This wok burner sounds like a jet engine and just as hot. I was able to season my wok and start with a clean surface. I used a frozen stir fry veggie mix but next time I’ll buy fresh veg. This was just to give it a try. I felt pretty confident; just need to get the timing down. That’s the secret.

Tomorrow the mud will dry out more and I can finally get the 110v outside outlet replaced. Yesterday I went to a surplus store and got eight big carpet squares to put in the trailer. It’s like they put in office buildings so it’s short weave, different colors & patterns and different textures for high-traffic areas. I have to cut some pieces to fit and I think it will really help keep it warmer and cleaner inside. I have a hand vacuum I will sweep it with while traveling.

That’s all for this post.

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