October 28th, 2021


In one of my recent posts I talked about “flea markets”. Many people outside of the Midwest may not know much, if anything, about these unique places of Americana.

I got out and about today and after a Costco run I was not ready to go back and sit in the trailer. I decided to hit a few local flea markets on the way home and they were just as I remember. Basically, it’s a big building and it is divided into “booths” that you rent or the building owner takes a cut of. You just put all your crap in there and price it. They do all the sales and give you what your cut is.

Unfortunately I do not have enough money to buy and destroy some things I saw today that were, well, racist in nature or of a certain political leaning. Suffice it to say that there was more than enough of that garbage and Elvis stuff to go around.

But, here are a few pictures of some other things I saw.

An old Philco radio; Ford Motor Company used to own Philco
This picture was one of many NFL players on an antique toy box; this also happens to be the same guy I sat next to on the plane when we were headed to Europe in 2020
Yeah, that’s 100 rounds of tracer bullets, probably from a machine gun
This is a tray they would bring your food out to you on at A&W restaurants and later Sonic, which is where this one came from. The carhop would put the tray in your window and when you were done you put your dirty glass mugs (at A&W) and trash on there, flip a switch to turn on the light, and they would come and pick it up. Either that, or you would haul all of that stuff in your car, throw the trash away at home, wash the mugs and it them in the cupboard. I had one of these trays many years ago to clean the seeds out of my weed and roll joints on. It was better than using my gatefold record album sleeves!
One of the many booths of stuff
Another booth full of treasures
Cool old bicycle
A little of everything as you can see
I just don’t know…

It is fun to go in these places to look around and see what is for sale. It is really like a free museum but you can buy the exhibits! I came away empty-handed but did keep my eyes peeled for that thing that I just HAD to have.

Just wanted to share a local adventure I went on today.

The weather has been horrible; people think it rains a lot in Seattle – I think Missouri has it beat. I hope to get out and about again as soon as the weather gets better and I can actually enjoy somewhere once I get there!

Until next post…

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