October 23rd, 2021

I decided to stay local the last few days, taking care of some repacking in the trailer and doing a few maintenance things and running errands. Plus it was good to kick back a bit. Plus, it’s also the weekend so it’s gonna be crowded.

I have been able to repack a few extra groceries after using some up and got some other things I won’t use often packed into a less-accessible compartment under the bed. As I said before this trailer is not very well setup for storage so it is always a struggle trying to figure out the best way to pack. It’s nice to have some extra room again and not have to constantly shift the clutter from one place to another.

I got a few new parts to put in and on the trailer to make life easier during set-up and tear down at campsites. It is a big plus when there’s bad weather.

A few nights ago the lid came off of a container of chia and hemp seeds for my oats and spilled seeds in the trailer. They went on the floor and but luckily some didn’t make it to the floor; instead, they ended up in my bed. I had to get out my portable vacuum to clean it to get by but there was no way to get them all without taking the bed apart.

The next morning I got up and I probably looked like an everything bagel; I could feel I had seeds stuck to my back! Cleaning the trailer was high on my list after that so I got things taken out and everything swept out. It is about a once-a-week to-do so it needed done anyway. Plus I took the opportunity to wash the sheets.

This morning I was awakened at 02:00 by a very intense thunderstorm that just didn’t stop, making sleep impossible. Hellacious lightning followed immediately by ground shaking thunder so that meant it was very close. I fell back asleep around 05:00 but only got a couple of hours of sleep all night. It rained like hell all day long and there was standing water everywhere in the yard.

It’s been a long day sitting inside but it finally cleared off a bit late in the day so I got some walking in and it was nice to be outside. I got in a few movies during the rain so all was not lost and it’s why I have movies saved on my iPad.

I still have a few more places I want to visit before the weather gets worse so I guess I need to get out and get to exploring pretty soon. I have so many places I want to finally see or see again.

Yesterday’s sunrise

That’s all for now.

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