September 29th, 2021

Welcome to Missouri

I left the park early this morning and went to my next destination in Missouri, where I will be hanging out for a little bit before resuming my trip. I will be posting when I have something to share while I am stationary, and then will be posting regularly again on the next leg of the journey.

The trip this morning was a bit of a cluster. I woke up to a daylight-bright moon beaming through the trees at 04:45 and was on the road by around 07:00. I hit a detour which led me all over the country it felt like. After that, I got stuck behind a truck going 30 in a 55, then more construction and a miles-long backup that, luckily, went faster than I thought it would. I made it to where I was headed eventually.

On the way down this afternoon to where I ended up I saw gas for $2.65/gallon! That’s crazy talk I know. When I left Washington it was still nearly $4.00/gallon. THAT is REALLY some crazy talk.

A Corvette would be cheaper…just sayin’…

It’s been hot here but I guess the weather is changing from what I am told. But, I have air conditioning in the trailer tonight so I will be fine!

As usual, this trip has been great and has been a much-needed adventure. I try to always enjoy where I am no matter how good or not so good my stops are; after all, I am the tour guide so it’s on me. I always try to find something good in all of it – it’s why I am out on the road. The 1st night in Theodore Roosevelt National Park was a big letdown but it worked out; my frustration got me to leave the South Unit and go to the North Unit and that was a great place to visit. Plus, I got to make friends with a longhorn and scratch his nose.

I saw an interesting article about doing nothing. It was about how the people in The Netherlands approach life and I think it really merits a read. They have a word for it – the term is “niksen”.

Having been to The Netherlands three times on two trips to Europe you can feel the different vibe there. It is busy with a lot of people but it still has a laid-back feel. They are doing something right.

I mention this article not just because it is interesting. I mention it because I think it does people good to see these articles and maybe change the habits of one or two people. It has a lot of really good points that are worth considering. It would make parts of the world a better place.

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