September 21st, 2021

Today I got up and got around after some breakfast. I had no coffee since it was the one thing I forgot to get. Oh well, tomorrow I am gonna pick some up. I had a longer drive than yesterday so I don’t need to dick around – I gotta scoot.

I have the Nespresso packed away in a box so I will be using the moka pot for espresso in the mornings. It is fairly easy and makes a really good espresso – a great score at a thrift shop and it works on the propane stove. A nice coffee without electricity!

It is handy having a propane stove inside, but I have this propane camping stove my parents gave me for car camping some years ago and I will be using that as much as possible so I do not need to cook in the trailer. It is pretty cool – it’s a two-burner stove on top of an oven! I can cook outdoors and not worry about making a mess inside, or heating up the trailer even more on a hot day. I consider the stove inside just as a place to cook in case of rain or to heat a late-night cup of tea. Plus, I do not have an oven inside so it is handy for baking/broiling/toasting too. I used the heck out of that thing when I worked in the islands living in my cabin.

I hit the road at a decent time and this morning, after driving most of the day, got to a KOA in Montana. It took longer than I had anticipated. I saw a sign that said “Towing vehicles same speed limit as trucks”. Uh-oh. That changed the game a bit. I had not seen that before so I have been keeping a closer eye on the signs; it’s how I found out last year that travel trailers have to stop at weigh stations in Nebraska. It’s so easy to get bombarded with an over abundance of signs these days, and most are garbage.

So, I got here and I had to finish flushing & draining the water and it took forever. I am not putting that antifreeze shit in the water system again. What a pain to get out this time. That does mean a shower to start the day tomorrow though! I’ll get up early, take morning meds, get clean, eat something, and head out.

It’s looking as if the next place I will be staying may have water available after all, and that is really a relief. No need to burn more fuel because of the weight and fewer concerns with the trailer swaying to and fro from the water sloshing. That is great news so all I will need to do is find a dump station, but I can conserve and get by the next few days conserving water. That means just washing up and no showers (unless absolutely necessary) but that is okay. The stop after that is another with hookups so I can wait if need be. That leg is seven hours in the GPS but it will actually be closer to nine. That’s about how it ended up today. After that they get closer though. I was trying to make a little time to get east farther. I gotta knock that off though! Roses…gotta smell them.

Tomorrow I’ll be hitting the local hometown grocer on the way out for a few bottles of peri-peri sauce and some coffee for the next few days. I really want to splurge and get a Hilltop burger and fries at the Sac Bar, but I have the willpower to say no this time. Trust me…that IS some willpower. In all fairness it’s four splurges caressed into one delicious bun of goodness. But, literally…my heart says “no”. I will probably splurge for an espresso though. I’ll make my own the next stop.

My new cooler is pretty impressive. Granted, it has not been over 74 or so, but I opened the drain and after three says very little water drained out. That is an impressive cooler. I have to admit, though, that it’s a little bigger and heavier than I imagined. Fill it up and it’s a feat of strength to wrassle that rascal into the truck or trailer.

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