August 21st, 2021

Been at home a few days now and it’s nice to be back. Of course it’s cooler weather, and even a little bit of rain fell last night that was certainly welcomed.

The ‘rona situation is now getting worse in this area so I’m pretty much staying home, only making a few trips for curbside pickup for groceries. Looks like I’ll also be considering another year of Prime for my shopping needs for other things. Won’t be getting my hair cut again until things calm down again.

It’s hard to believe that another summer is winding down. Despite a heart attack and bypass surgery I have still gotten a couple of bigger trips in this year along with a few road trips, but a few days in the trailer would still be fun.

I ordered the part to fix my truck and it should be here Tuesday or so. It was only about $30 and, hopefully, I’ll be able to get it fixed in about 15 minutes. According to the YouTube experts that’s how long it should take and it’s a real easy fix without taking anything apart – slice off the old rubber boot, clean the area, put grease in the CV joint, put the new boot on, tighten it down, and Bob’s your uncle. Hahaha.

Once I get that done I should finally be able to get the trailer out for a few days. The next few weeks will still be busy with tourists but it is slowing down a little and will thin out much more after Labor Day. It also means that things will start to close down. That’s not a big deal to me since I avoid tourist places.

I’ve been looking at the atlas to figure out a trip back at some point to get my dog. It won’t be happening very soon but will be happening in the near future. I really need to get back into cardiac rehab and try to get back to where I was before I left prior to getting back out on that trip.

I also am doing some research in a travel app I downloaded and upgraded. It does routing with only the points of interest you add in the route that you want to stop and see. I have not really used it before but did use it a bit on my Route 66 adventures. Apple Maps is getting better but this app has options for routing like Google Maps but it’s NOT Google Maps.

Part of the rehab is treadmill and bike, the rest is about diet and some exercises with elastic bands. I’m going to hold off on those exercises there since I can do them at home plus sometimes it really aggravates my chest. My chest nerves are really slow to heal on the left side and it’s a pretty strange feeling that I sure wish would go away.

Sometimes I have a burning sensation that feels like my muscles are ripping and tearing so it’s quite painful as you can imagine. Sometimes it’s the sensation my skin is really hypersensitive and just a shirt rubbing on my skin hurts. It’s still changing every day as far as sensations, pain, and location. The nerves across my chest are still trying to reconnect and this could go on for a couple of years they told me. I hope it doesn’t. It really doesn’t feel good.

I have been dreaming of Europe yet again and have been watching more of my favorite world traveler Anthony Bourdain to get my travel fix. I decided to check fares just to see where things are and have found some really great deals for airfare next year. I am still keeping an open mind and will jump on it if get a great price on a trip that can be canceled. I’ll still monitor any destination I want to visit for the ‘rona so it still could be a long shot. If things calm down, though, I’ll be set with a cheap ticket. I nearly forgot – I have enough miles to fly for free! Hell yes!!! Better yet!!!

I got out the moka pot I bought and tried it out. And no…moka pot is not Hawaiian weed – you might be thinking of Maui Wowie. It’s an espresso maker that I got for the trailer so I don’t “have” to haul my Nespresso around. I had some Sumatran coffee left from my French press days. Yeah it was old coffee but it was just to try out the pot.

It was interesting to use it and it made a pretty decent espresso but it did have a little bitterness. I think maybe a bit less water will help out with that according to a video I watched earlier by a coffee geek. He explained a bunch of science about coffee and he mentioned water levels might cause that. It’s an experiment right now but I think another pot and I’ll have it down. I’m sure fresh coffee will make a difference too. It will certainly be nice to have an espresso while camping! Guess I am just spoiled now.

I am once again considering some changes to the blog. I was thinking about it earlier this year but things kinda got lost in all the excitement of the last six months. I will certainly keep everyone updated on here of any upcoming changes.

That’s about all there is for now.

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