September 29th, 2020

Slept great (finally) last night. Actually the last two nights I have slept pretty good and had restful nights for a very welcomed change. I got out of bed and took the dog out then came back. A nice, crisp morning – about 37 degrees F and blue skies.

I decided to take a drive after all this morning. It was a quick drive to check out Newport, WA. I think this is the way I will be heading back tomorrow – more new roads over to Sandpoint then south on 95.

I have decided that there are now, unfortunately, certain places/cities/states in the U.S. that I no longer feel I can visit safely. I got to thinking about it more in-depth lately and I am altering many plans and ideas of things I wanted to do in places I wanted to visit (like coast-to-coast on US 2) because of the pandemic and certain political factions making life dangerous. I feel the risk is too great and not worth the potential for problems. I am hoping Canada will open up after the election so we can finally go back and visit there.

It was 75 degrees today and sunny. Another beautiful day after a nice cool night and morning. It’s been a pretty good day today. We walked the trail around the lake which ended up being quite a bit farther around than the sign said. It was good exercise for both me and the dog and it was good to be on a trail in the woods again. Then we came back and kicked back in the shade. We got in a few miles again today so that felt good.

Looking back toward the dam

Lately I have been pondering replacing the missing trailer microwave. There are just a few things I gotta have a microwave for and it does make life easier big picture. It will mean losing a very handy storage space but I am streamlining the kitchen aspect of trailer life a bit and a microwave would help with that considerably.

It has been kind of interesting staying here in this campground. When I was a kid we always took family vacations every summer and this place kind of reminds me of a couple of those campgrounds from all those years ago. Lots of activities for families – playgrounds, lake, pool, hiking…many things to keep most everyone happy. We would end up mostly in Forest Service or National Park campgrounds but sometimes private campgrounds or a KOA.

I have been watching the series “Long Way Up” and it is just like the two previous series for the most part – two friends going on a months-long motorcycle adventure through different countries. It makes me want to do a ride like that with a friend, but more than that it is yet one more thing that makes me want to travel to foreign lands.

I am calling it a night for now. Tomorrow I head back to MT. It’s not an all-day drive but i want to make a stop on the way so up early and gone!

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