February 2nd, 2019


If you are telling me “Now”, then that takes the spontaneity out of it doesn’t it?

Last week I watched a documentary that ended up being very interesting…even more interesting than I thought it would end up being. It was called “California Typewriter” and had a few typewriter collectors, and among them was Tom Hanks. Another guy was admittedly more than a bit too obsessed with typewriters – if you watch it you will see what I mean. They also had an artist who made sculptures out of typewriter parts and a small old-school California typewriter repair shop that fixed and sold typewriters. They talked to writers and musicians as well who still use typewriters and not word processing programs on a computer. Tom Hanks even sends typed letters to people, and if mistakes are made he just XXXXXX across the boo-boo and types it after the mistake. He does NOT correct it with fluid. That is kinda cool actually.

Now I know you’re thinking I probably need a hobby (which I already do have a few, thank you) but it was a rather fascinating documentary. The people in it talked about the romance and grittiness of typewriters and creating something tangible instantaneously. They compared the physicality of creating something that was inked onto paper right before your eyes – warts and all – to the empty nothingness of word processors.

As I watched it and listened to the passion in the people speaking I really thought their observations were both interesting and fascinating. I thought it would be cool to use a typewriter font in this blog and was hoping to find a WordPress typewriter font but unfortunately they do not have one. It is a really good documentary and I would recommend watching it.

I have said before that the mountains (and the forests that go along with them) are very special to me. A while back I took a road trip and came across one of the most absolutely magical places in any forest that I have ever seen. The forest floor was completely covered in a thick carpeting of this dense moss-like vegetation that is common in the PNW. The beauty of the trees and plants and the lighting and shadows really were beautiful. I must go back there to spend more time and will get pictures. I was so taken by this place I didn’t even think of it at the time.

I am at the point that I have decided to make a few personal changes. I’ve been out doing more walking and being more active. The lifestyle change to eating better and being more active. I have lost a few pounds and I definitely feel better. I am making some other changes as well – different wardrobe and new glasses. I have been getting out more frequently and seeing and doing things like beers and food with friends, local sports and live music. It definitely helps getting through the last two years of BS that has happened.

Tomorrow is a sty-home day and I am going to make chicken noodle soup from scratch for the first time. I went to the market and picked up the organic chicken and fresh veggies to make it. I have a recipe for the Instant Pot that looks pretty good so I will be giving that a try. This will be interesting to go through the process and I am anxious to see how it comes out. I should have plenty of leftovers to freeze for later. There are some cold days still to come before Spring springs and this will be good on a cold day.

I love chicken and dumplings – reminds me of my mom making them when I was younger. It’s hard to cook them for one since you cannot reheat the dumplings – they just disintegrate. I guess I could make some out of the smaller soup portions I freeze.

Another thing she made once was blackberry dumplings. Blackberries are just about my favorite fruit and those dumplings were soooo good. I have made them as well (been a while) and may make myself a bowl with the berries I bought today.

That’s it for now.

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