January 22nd, 2019

Today I decided to get up really early and took a field trip to Seattle. I thought about some different things to do the last few days and decided to do a Seattle adventure. I needed to get out of the house and go do something. An escape. It started out a bit of a cool  morning but warmed up nicely with scattered clouds. It has been a great day for a field trip, and it was a much-needed one.

With the options for getting around the city pretty good and easy to use, I decided to leave the truck at home; that saves gas. I rode the train and monorail. Free transfers help save cash on this adventure too.

There are many links in this post so click on them to see websites for today’s adventures!

First stop is breakfast, and “Trailer Park to Table” is the motto at Biscuit Bitch. A little spendy but that’s a damn good biscuit smothered in some really good gravy. Check out some of the things on their menu. The biscuits are pretty good-sized and have amazing texture and fluffiness. If you’re looking for a job, “Bitch be Hiring” the sign on the window says.

The awesome attitude of the place is quite enjoyable to be around. This amusing sign was in the bathroom:




Then it was on the train to head to the Capitol Hill station and a walk down Broadway to see a Jimi Hendrix statue that I just remembered I had not seen yet.

Jimi Hendrix statue – Seattle


Capitol Hill is, to me, an interesting area to walk around. Lots of interesting food and a few shops I’d like to visit. I want to go back there sometime and hang out more.

Back on the light rail to Westlake Center to catch the monorail to the Pacific Science Center. I was here once before right after I moved up here; in 2012 I came over to see the King Tut exhibition (I bet you read the post all those years ago …didn’t you?). This time I am just here to see what else there is to see.

I met up with a couple of friends and we hung out together for most of the rest of the day, first hitting all the exhibits at the Science Center. They do have some pretty cool things to see and do in there and it is a great place for kids to learn some science things hands-on.

They have exhibits of various things; some rotate depending on what displays/shows are touring. We went to a Talking Heads laser light show for just a few bucks more and it was pretty good. I have been to them before and this was maybe even a bit better since the tech has advanced.


Laser Light Show – Pacific Science Center, Seattle WA

It sounded like they were playing a live album and I’d have to say that was an impressive band I never gave much thought to during my narrow-minded metal years. Might have to get that one.

As you can well imagine, watching lasers worked up a powerful hunger so it was off to Serious Pie and Biscuit. I have wanted to eat here since another friend of mine mentioned it to me a few years back, and one of my friends wanted to try it even longer so we went.

On the way we saw the new Chris Cornell statue in front of MoPOP:


Chris Cornell statue – Seattle, WA

The pizzas were delicious and had good ingredients on a pretty perfect wood-fired crust.


Potato Pizza at Serious Pie and Biscuit, Seattle, WA

They are a little pricey plus they add in a 20% gratuity automatically. The service was great – not too annoying but took care of us. One interesting thing one of my friends had was a grapefruit hefeweizen. It really wasn’t a beer…but it was. It was complex and really tasted like an old-fashioned Creamsicle. Delicious as well.

After that it was over to South Lake Union Park where we took a tour of the Virginia V steamship. It is a historical ship and it was very interesting to see the insides of. There are a few other old boats there and the museum there is something that I’d like to go back and check out. I did not get any pictures so I need to go back and do that too.

Evenings have to come to an end at some point so it was back toward our respective houses. It was a fun and quite enjoyable day.

As you can see it was quite an adventure. I got to see and do a lot…even more than I had originally thought I’d try to see and do. With 11.25 miles under my belt since 6:00 A.M. when I finally got home I’d say that I got in a little exercise today. My feet are tired and sore, and it feels rather good to sit.

Can’t wait to do it again!

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