January 12th, 2019 Pt. 2

As I posted this morning, it looked like it would be a nice day and it turned out to be a gorgeous one. Sunshine and short-sleeve temperatures at one point.

I ran some DVDs back to the library and then decided to go to the beach just down the street. It was a bit breezy and chilly down there but it was still pretty nice. I went to get not only sunshine and exercise, but I also wanted to see if it was a good place to birdwatch. I saw quite a few birds but I had no binoculars so I couldn’t identify them.

I walked toward a cove and there was an older lady walking her dog. She said “Where’s your dog?” in a slight NY accent. I told her I have not had pets in nearly seven years. She insisted that I needed a dog – such a nice person. We talked a little more and she left as another guy came over and we talked for about an hour.

He was a pretty interesting guy and has sailed all over the world, lived in Copenhagen Denmark, and has taught art and painting in schools and college. He has lived in the area for quite a while and told me about the history on the area we were in and it was pretty fascinating. I know some of the history but he told me things I had not heard yet.

I don’t know why I never thought about it (had a lot of things on my mind lately so that was probably why), but I came to the realization about an hour ago that I can log in to some of the channels on DirecTV since I pay for the satellite TV at the house in KS. I got to see the last 4 minutes of the KC Chiefs spanking the Colts and I can get apps for several networks in the channel package. Glad I finally figured that out!

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