November 22nd, 2018

It’s Thanksgiving Day today. I don’t have any plans – the traffic will suck badly everywhere and I don’t want to deal with it. Better yet, I don’t HAVE to deal with it. The weather is also supposed to be rainy and it only adds to the traffic issues. I’ll probably just hang close to the house the next day or two.

As I write this I am looking out the window watching the birds. I put birdseed in the feeders and the sparrows and juncos are going crazy. The feeders don’t work for the Steller’s jays because of their size but it doesn’t stop them from trying. They are all ravenous once they discover food and the feeders need filled up again today. They will have to wait until the rain stops though.

I went to the store yesterday and the hot food bar they have had roast turkey and all the fixings (no sweet potatoes/yams, or pumpkin pie, thank you) so I decided to get a to-go box and have my yearly turkey dinner yesterday. I eat turkey about twice a year – I prefer chicken to turkey. I don’t want to waste any food (and I also don’t want six months of leftovers) so I don’t make a turkey at home. I made one a few years ago that turned out really good, but being single it is way too much food that won’t get eaten anyway.

So I got home and ate my turkey dinner. It was good – the mashed potatoes were real with chunks of redskin potatoes. While at the store I picked up a few things I needed for my Thanksgiving lasagne. I put it all together in the baking pan and put it in the fridge so it’s ready to bake. I saw a marionberry pie at the store that was calling my name, but I know if I buy a whole pie I’ll eat the whole damn thing at one sitting. Berries are my favorite fruit, and berry pies are my favorite. I want to try and make some berry hand pies soon so that should make my cravings happy. I want to try to replicate my grandma’s fried peach pies at some point too. Man, those were a favorite childhood memory along with her scratch-made apple pies.

This is a busy time of year with a lot of personal events besides the holidays. Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday. It’s hard to believe he is gone and I miss him and my mom quite a bit. Sunday it will be four years since my motorcycle wreck. There are a couple of other birthdays over the next two months.

It’s looking like I won’t be going back to work as soon as I thought but will still be going back early. I have a few personal items I need to take care of so I can definitely use the time to take care of these things and not miss any work.

I decided to buy a robot vac and it is on it’s way! I don’t have carpeting to catch (and hold) dirt and a laminate/hardwood floor always looks dirty even when it isn’t that bad so I decided to get one. It even has a mop in it so that is another plus. There are so many brands and models to choose from but I finally decided on the Deebot M88. I have seen how much Meghan’s Roomba helps them keep their floors clean with pets. Since I don’t have pets it should really help maintain the floors here so I don’t have to sweep daily.

That’s it for now.

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