July 17th, 2018

I am typing this while on an airplane heading back home. I have been in Kansas visiting family for almost a week.

Cancer is rearing its ugly head in the family again, this time affecting my dad. We are staying optimistic, waiting for the results from his visit with the oncologist. There are good signs but it is still of concern obviously…especially given the family history the last two years.

With all of this going on you can bet that I am staying on top of all my checkups and staying vigilant with keeping an eye on my body. I have certainly been trying to be more conscious of my health, getting more exercise and watching my food intake with regard to amounts and what I eat. Sure I will have some junk food on occasion but it’s no longer the norm for me. I need to do better, however, and I will do better. I have things to do, places to go, people to see.

It was a good visit. My dad seems to be doing okay and is in good spirits. I did some home repairs for him while there and did some watering in the yard and garden. He’s got a good crop of tomatoes going and they were delicious. Chelsea and her family were in North Carolina but got back two days ago so we got to hang out.

I also got to catch up with some friends and my first night there I got together with three of my long-time friends. It has been over 30 years since we were all in the same room together so that was cool.

There was not much cool otherwise. It was way too damn hot and humid – comfort levels over 100 degrees. I usually avoid going back there this time of year for that reason but that was the last thing I was worried about.

Yesterday we went out to a restaurant that served Korean, sushi, Vietnamese and Chinese. I opted to try something new – bibimbap. It was delicious and quite a hearty meal. I also ordered up some hot sake for us. It was my first time having that and once was plenty. Tasted way too much like whisky and I am not a fan of that taste at all. I drank my half of the little bottle though.

Obviously it was rookie day on Alaska Airlines this morning. People acted like it was their first flight and did not want to follow directions from the flight attendants. They would not stay seated so we could leave the gate, and would not stay seated during some major turbulence while the seatbelt light was on. They had to announce several times over the intercom concerning these things.

The asshat sitting behind me thought that my armrest was a footstool while I got up for the bathroom. He soon realized it was not one when I sat down and elbowed his foot off of it.

WTF is wrong with Americans and why the arrogance? We are no better than anyone else. All they care about is themselves and the hell with those around them. Yes, I am American but I don’t do things like that. The guy in that seat behind me apparently thinks he is entitled to something since along with that he had to be told more than once to unplug his charger during takeoff. I am not full of much hope but maybe he learned something today and quits being a dick.

Soapbox put away.

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