February 24th, 2017

Last night I made a pilgrimage to the area I am moving to. I wanted to get here so I could get up and hit it early to search for a new place to live. I wanted to get something as soon as possible so I got a room for both days in case it was necessary. I also did not want to fight any weekend traffic. And there is that relaxing thing.

It ended up both days were not even necessary.

After some breakfast I went riding around to look at one property that I had the address of to see where it was located. I contacted the owner and it ended up being the second one I looked at. I had an appointment to see a cabin mid-morning so I got an appointment to see this one afterwards.

I wasn’t sure about the cabin until I walked in it and it was pretty nice. I went and looked at the other one and it was very nice as well. It was a basement that has been converted and they did a fantastic job with their remodel. Very comfy and bright.

It was a difficult decision to choose; one has more privacy and has a place to park the Scotty and securely keep my canoe. One has a great location in town and was something I really would have liked and wanted – walking distance to a pub, groceries, and a fantastic bakery. Both are still too small for all the things I have in storage though.

It was very difficult to choose between them but I decided to go with the first one I looked at. It is a small cabin but has a lot of amenities – laundry, really nice kitchen and even a little fenced-in area I can sit and relax in privately. Keeping my trailer there is definitely going to be handy and cheaper (no storage lot fees!) and when I want to go someplace I can easily load it up and have it ready to roll quickly. The neighbors are supposed to be really nice, the beach is close, and so are groceries. It has several windows all around and even a skylight. It is also bigger than the second one and even a little cheaper.

To celebrate, I went to the aforementioned awesome bakery and grabbed myself two croissants for breakfast tomorrow (went and picked up sliced prosciutto and gouda too!). I also am finishing up my lunch leftovers from a new Thai place I tried for lunch. Really good place to eat and a friendly and fun staff.

I’ll be moving over here over the next few weekends. At least I can leave stuff in storage over there for now so I am not rushed. With my apartment being so small I don’t have a lot of stuff in my apartment and I think it should all fit in the cabin. It will be a few trips though. Problem is it’s also going to be tough because even though I don’t have much in my apartment – I use nearly all of it constantly. I cannot get it all in one load so I guess I’ll move my bed earlier and use my airbed in my apartment.

Another cool thing is I won’t need to rent another hotel room when I come over since I will have both places for a month. It will save some money and make moving much easier and less hectic.

It looks like I’ll be trying to get rid of some stuff out of my storage unit. There is stuff in there I might not need but most everything in there I can use – it’s not that I just want to keep stuff. If you have followed my blog you know about my downsizing efforts. I want to get a smaller storage unit so getting my canoe at the cabin will help with that and it will save even more money.

I’ll be working where I now am until I start the new gig. No more breaks or vacations until probably the Fall so my work season is going to be long this year. It’s going to be an exciting one too.

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