The Next Chapter

One closes and another begins…

Today I was offered (and accepted) a new job in a different area in Washington so it looks like I’ll be moving in the not-too-distant future.

It’s always a mixed feeling when you decide to make that change. First, it is strange to leave a place you like working at and the people you work with. Then there’s the moving, starting over in a new place, learning a new job, meeting new people…the pain-in-the-ass list goes on. Usually we change places we work for bad reasons – the boss is an asshole, better pay, etc. Not the case this time though.

I will certainly miss working with and seeing my current co-workers. My supervisor and the people in charge are good people and a pleasure to work for. They are all some of the best at what they do and it makes it a little harder to leave. This is probably the biggest drawback of seasonal work.

It is a strange concept speaking so freely to your bosses about going someplace else to work but it is the nature of the business I am in and it is quite nice to have that kind of relationship with an employer. You are probably wondering “But, Shawn, why leave?”.

I need to look at the future. I work with some fantastic people in a great place but this new opportunity could really have some bigger and better opportunities down the road for me so it positions me pretty well for that possibility.

The opportunities it opens up are one big plus. It is in an area I want to live in (but they all have been; I won’t move someplace that sucks for ANY job). I am not really looking forward to hunting down another place to live, but have already begun the search (last week!). I am definitely finding more options than the last time I moved so that is reassuring.

So here we go…another new address, another new position in another new place. It’s really not the kind of lifestyle for everyone but it works for me. It is very exciting and challenging and it gives me freedom. Perhaps this is the last place I will work and live and that would be okay – but I cannot say that for sure and that is okay too. Being fully retired is not that far off one way or another and that’s a nice feeling to have, and living my life on MY terms doing something I enjoy in a place that I enjoy living is a pretty nice feeling to have as well.

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