Europe – Day 6 – January 30th, 2018: London, England

Artwork I saw on the way back from the laundrette – London, England

Today we got up early to go to the launderette. We were both out of clean clothes and this was a good day to do it since we had the opportunity. It was just a few blocks away but we had to get breakfast first so we went to a coffee shop we saw last night.

We went there after the sign we saw on the sidewalk said that they had a bacon breakfast sandwich. That was delicious and we both could have eaten another but we needed to get things done.

After laundry we took another walk around a different area close by. There are little shops and restaurants everywhere on every block.

We took a few minutes at our room and then we met up with another guy Jim knows named Nigel. He took time out of his day and took a three hour train ride (one way!) to meet us and give us a tour of historic music sites around London.

Jim and I walked over ten miles today and most of it was with Nigel. We saw several sites that you may have heard of…

How about Apple Corps. headquarters…the place that The Beatles filmed their infamous rooftop concert?

How about the famous fashion area called Carnaby Street?

And there is the famous EMI Records office building where The Beatles took the pictures looking down from a balcony for the red and blue albums (this is not the original building but is similar).

There was Piccadilly Circus…

…and a place Hendrix used to hang out at…

It was quite interesting to see these places that musicians frequented that I heard of when I was a kid.

While we were out we stopped for a pint and some fish and chips at an English pub. I really like these pubs and if I lived near one it would be a frequent hangout for the atmosphere. An occasional Guinness would be consumed as well I am certain.

Both ways we ride the London Underground. Some call it The Tube. Very convenient, but on the way back we got into rush hour and it was packed. I thought we would have to lube up to fit into the car. It was so packed I thought my asscheeks were going to get picked off when the doors shut.

Tomorrow we have the morning and part of the afternoon to go sightsee some more before we leave.

It’s going to be another great adventure!

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