Europe – Day 5 – January 29th, 2018: London, England

London Underground station – London, England

Cheers from our next stop…London!

We flew into London and arrived around noon or so. Not as early as we wanted and the plane boarding and leaving late was unacceptable. We flew easyJet and they were pretty disorganized. Flight attendants were nice but the gate people just were not

Fortunately, this was our last flight until we go back to the States. From here out it will be mass transit and no firm plans other than when we are leaving London and when we leave Europe.

We got to our destination via train from the airport and ended up on the King’s Cross/Pancras train station. This is the same train station in the Harry Potter movies.


St. Pancras Station – London, England


St. Pancras Station – London, England


St. Pancras Station – London, England

We went for a hike around our hotel in the King’s Cross area and checked out a few local sites. We then went to an Italian restaurant called Casa Mamma’s and ate what is easily the best lasagna I have ever eaten. It was fantastic.

We walked around some more to get dinner worked off and stopped by the local grocery store for a snack. There are lots of interesting snacks and I’d like to try most every one of them!

Eager to get an early start we went to sleep at a decent time. We have a big day planned for tomorrow!

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