Small Town

One of the best things about living in a small town is the “community” feel to it. The parades, festivals, outhouse races, etc. are all big events in a small town and everyone comes out to play and have some fun. Even in bad times people help each other out to get through. That’s what it is all about.

Tonight, as in many small towns, where I live they closed off several blocks in front of my building for “Trunk or Treat” for Halloween. It was a cool family gathering in the community, and you could set up a booth, table, whatever, and hand out candy. There was barbecue, popcorn, and lots of smiling families. It was GREAT people-watching!

The weather is perfect to be out milling around – about 45 degrees, clear, and still. I saw many interesting costumes and most were pretty clever. It really was a good time and I got lots of exercise in while walking around. I didn’t eat ANY candy either!

Speaking off candy, the local dentist office had a booth set up…HANDING OUT CANDY! I busted them; I pointed at the bowls of sweets and said “WHAT”S THIS?!?! Oh, job security I see!”. That got a lot of laughs from the staff, the dentist, and the people there with their hands in the bowls.

I need to go out and move my truck back in front of my building; they had everyone move their vehicles to clear the streets for tonight’s festivities. I like my truck parked close to keep an eye on it.

It was a nice, relaxing evening after some of this past weekend’s events. It was great to see everyone and I got to get some things done. I ended up not sleeping but about 2 ½ – 3 hours last night and then getting on a plane before the ass-crack of dawn this morning. It’s only 7:20 here and I am beat and ready to go to bed already. That is pathetic – I ain’t THAT damn old!

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