Pondering on an Autumn Sunday Morning

Ahh, the calm of an early Sunday morning. It’s such a peaceful time unlike Saturdays where people are running around doing errands, shopping, and taking care of things so they can spend their Sundays watching sports, having family dinners, or whatever. Cup of rich, dark, black coffee and WordPress is the first order of the day today.

And of course I couldn’t sleep in. I did that yesterday though – woke up at the crack of 8.

This is my first full normal “real-world” weekend off this year post-season. I got a lot of my errands done yesterday as well, with just a few things left today. My apartment isn’t all that huge so it’s a quick clean. On the other hand, with it being small, it gets cluttered faster so I have to be mindful of that. With not much storage space it’s a challenge to have everything here that I want to have.

I still need to get a few curtains today. I took some out of my Scotty trailer and used them in my apartment because it made it so dark in the trailer and they were impossible to open. I was also able to use the curtain rods and don’t need to buy any. I will replace the curtains with some others soon but I need curtains in the house now.

In a few weeks I hope to be able to get the Scotty out for a weekend or two before I need to winterize it. I have not been able to get out much this year like I was hoping to so now I can. Some areas may be closed, which is a drawback of not going earlier. It also means less crowded, which is a benefit of not going earlier. I still need to get up to Sequim to see some friends. I thought about doing that this weekend but needed to kick back and also get a few things done around the house.

Work is slowing as far as visitors, but gears are changing and now it’s time to get as much maintenance done as possible before the snow flies and our positions end for the season. It is nearly like clockwork that the season grinds to a halt. Early on the weather starts drying up as the crowds begin to swell. The rains resume in the Fall as the crowds subside and the leaves are amazing this year. Vivd reds are abundant this year, and the golds shimmer in the sunlight.

With the beauty, however, I must say Fall is my least favorite season. Yeah the trees are beautiful, but with those colorful leaves comes the fact that in a few weeks those trees will look naked and dead. In the midwest there were not many pine-type of trees so everything looks dead and that is probably what skewed my opinion early on.

Spring is my favorite season. Everything is coming to life – trees, flowers, bees…it’s that getting ready for a concert feeling I talked about in an earlier post. It’s the excitement of things getting ready to happen.

Living at 10,000 feet in Colorado made me sick of Winter. I got very tired of dealing with the snow and still do not like the snow much. Yeah, it’s beautiful and all, but it’s a pain in the ass, especially there, where we had it on the ground from mid-September to June 1st.

Summer is nice but is quite busy in my line of work. It’s probably my second favorite season since the stage is now lit and the play has started. The weather can be nice (as long as it’s not over 70) and the options of things to do is limitless.

I have one day of work this week – Monday – then Tuesday I pick up Meghan and we get you your hotel in preparation for Wednesday morning’s surgery. I am not looking forward to this surgery at all, but it has to be done.

I have a week off for recovery but she is staying until Sunday and has to go back home so in the meantime I guess I need to figure out how to get the Broncos game on! I will probably have to be on light duty for some time to heal correctly but I still need to work and don’t have that much sick time built up. It will be nice to have her here to keep an eye on me, especially the first day 24 hours. It will just be nice to have her here period.

So that is what is on my mind this overcast morning. A great day to you all!

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