Vacation Time!

Well, hell.

Every single place I was thinking of going for the next few days in the trailer before heading to MT has a rainy forecast. Yeah, we badly need the rain here in Western Washington so I won’t complain too much. It IS, after all, Washington.

I finally have time away from work and you bet your ass I will make the best of it. I’ll have the trailer for shelter and warmth, and I do have a raincoat (again, it IS Washington). I have been waking up to some quite cool mornings the last few days so I guess I need to get my heavier coat out tomorrow and bring it home from my storage unit. It is cooling off enough that I can put my portable AC unit away for the year. It’ll free up a little floor space not having it in here and my electric bill oughta be a bit cheaper too.

Making some food ahead of time at home to take with me will make it much easier and faster for eating and clean-up, plus I won’t need to eat out as much. Saves me some money and I can try some new recipes and ideas! I WILL have to go out to eat a time or two though – gotta do that on vacation!

One thing about leaving tomorrow is that everyone in the places where I want to go should be going the other way so the traffic should be in my favor. Another thing is it is one more night of rest (hopefully) here at home before I take out, and I’d like to be well enough to go see some friends. Maybe I will sleep in until 6:30 tomorrow!



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