August 17th, 2017 – Movies and Stuff

I’ve taken advantage of both my big-screen TV and the library next door and went old-school and watched some interesting DVDs. Nope…no streaming for these!

Over the last few nights I watched “Galaxy Quest”, “J. Edgar”, and “Team America: World Police”. The first one is funny, but the last two felt rather timely. Tonight I started to watch “Road, Movie”, an Indian film I had heard about. It was pretty good. I also picked up the Johnny Depp gangster movie.

Wow. Having all this stuff again is strange. Very strange.

After endeavoring to get rid of many, many possessions I have suddenly acquired a few things, albeit out of necessity. Now I don’t have much as far as material stuff, but what I DO have is functional and simple and most all of it is used to some extent. If it is NOT used, then I get rid of it.

I also acquired the trailer, thanks to the generosity of my parents. That was a big possession to acquire, but it will enable me to do so much more wherever I want to go. I still am not used to that idea, but the times I have used it I have really enjoyed it. But it is MUCH different than acquiring “things”…stuff we blow money on – new cars every year, home theatre set-ups, big houses. Been there done that. Then reality had its way with me.

In my early posts of this blog I talked about the freedom that was suddenly thrust upon me – basically starting over… alone and in a new place. The freedom to go anyplace, do anything (or nothing!), and really live on my terms. Oh the last five years HAVE had some bumps along the way, both big and small, over the last five years. I have both nothing and everything all at once.

And now I go forwards by having an apartment. Or, is it really backwards? Having on-site housing the last five years has had it’s ups but there are also downs – in shared quarters sometimes there is no privacy, and household duties are not getting done by all. The camaraderie is good though, and people hang out together after work. But it wasn’t a place of “my own”.

There is still the idea of “settling down” (as in an apartment) that still feels odd right now. Are these roots? I don’t know, but if it’s a bad thing I wouldn’t be doing it. I don’t even know where I’ll eventually end up more permanently – near or far. There eventually comes a point where you have to have a place to live that isn’t onsite. I forgot just what that was like and all of the things that go along with it. Until recently.

And, I have a real kitchen!

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