Long Weekends Are Awesome

Four days off. Man, it’s been nice. Got things done around the apartment, a doctor appointment was taken care of, I tried Salvadoran food, went for a drive, relaxed, slept in…a much-needed respite from the world.

This time off really has me now anxiously looking forward to the end of the season. I guess I am so used to going balls-to-the-wall that I had time to totally relax and unwind like I haven’t been able to do in a while. Yes, it’s nice making money but I really need a break. It will be nice to be able to travel and relax instead and have time off. After the horrible things that happened the last half of last year I need to get away. I have not really had a real vacation for a few years and that is not like me. I have made trips to places so it’s not like I have been a complete homebody, but I have not had a week-long-minimum vacation for a while. I’ll be definitely fixing that next month.

Getting ready for the season is a lot like getting a concert ready. The preparation, anticipation, and hitting the stage are all similar to doing what I now do as far as the atmosphere. We get the place ready, the visitors show up, and the show is on. This time of year is the encore – the show is winding down and we are getting ready to wrap it all up in a few weeks. There is now time to breathe a little and think about the end of the season. That is where I am at.

Used to be, as a seasonal, I would already be looking for the next gig. Luckily I no longer need to do that since I live pretty inexpensively.  I have pretty much all I need so I can save money easily to get me through the rest of the year.

I signed up for a new discount airfare website a few days ago and I have been getting notifications of some screaming airfare deals between that and Alaska Airlines that make me want to go even more. I saw Anchorage for $119 each way, and Europe for unbelievably low fares. With the prices and the time off it makes it really easy to go anyplace reasonably, or I will take the trailer. Or both!

I found a nice lake today that I want to explore more. It is back on a gravel road quite a ways. I wish I could take the trailer back there but it is quite rough and I don’t want to shake it apart. I can get the trailer out and about to places more now that the season is slowed down and I have the apartment to unload some stuff out of it. It gets tiring shuffling stuff back and forth between it and storage so now I do not need to do that.

Exploring my new surroundings is keeping me busy and entertained. It’s such a big change from where I have previously lived that it will take a bit to get used to.


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