Another Busy Week

Another workweek has come and gone, but this was a short one for me as far as days. I still worked 12-hour days over the weekend, but I took off most of yesterday to burn up some time and I took off for a medical appointment today. The extra money is always nice to have in the bank.

Today a friend and I went to a Salvadoran/Mexican restaurant and it was delicious. I ordered three pupusas, a tamal, and a baleada. My friend ordered a burrito that is bigger than your head. The salsa was homemade, of course, and delicious, of course. There was a green, a red, and a plain tomato. The cabbage slaw-type garnish for the pupusas and baleada was delicious by itself but on those tasty treats it was even better. I am now a huge fan and will be adding those to my dining repertoire.

I moved a few more things since my last post and am getting things put away and papers sorted and filed. I got my kitchen squared away as much as I can since I don’t have a table yet it is pretty well set. I am having a hard time finding a table of the size I want so I am still looking for that and a few other things. Time to hit Craigslist I guess!

More moving and arranging the next few days, but there’s not much left to bring over from the storage unit. The closet in my apartment is kinda small so I cannot bring everything since there’s no place to store it.

My neck has been killing me lately so I need to go find out about the possibilities of getting a massage tomorrow at the place a few doors down across the street. That will be real handy. I’ve been getting the headaches again so I have to put a stop to it now. I used some meds and some herbal patches last night and it seemed to help so I am repeating the process tonight and hope to get a handle on it pretty quickly but massage will help.

I’ve been pondering my shopping habits – mainly my use of Amazon so much. Yes, it is handy. VERY handy, and one might even say “convenient” and “they’ve got everything that I need”. I have gotten many things from Amazon I really needed (mostly for the trailer) that I did not have time to shop for at stores. I was jolted a bit into reality by an article about Amazon that is kind of disturbing, however.

It seems Amazon is doing to Walmart what Walmart does to the mom and pop stores in Small-Town ‘murica – hitting their bottomline hard. Think about that for a moment and just what it is doing to the local jobs and businesses. Remember what Walmart did to local business? It could have the same devastating effects locally.

I have already started cutting back drastically on my Amazon shopping and don’t even know if I will renew my Prime membership. I’d rather support the jobs for people in my community if I can and I have always tried to shop locally when I could. Problem is, where I was living until I got this apartment I had no shopping options so Amazon was my go-to for things. Now that I am closer to places to shop and eat I can really find the things I need easily. Granted, I may not find everything I need locally, but I will try.

The weather has finally cooled off after some crazy high temps. I was able to turn off the A/C finally and save some money on the light bill. Whenever I have the window open I smell the Chinese place next door. It’s really no winder why I am always hungry!

I’m feeling a trip to Seattle is necessary sometime real soon since I can ride the bus to get there. There’s a few places I want to go that I haven’t been to yet so that seems like the thing to do in the near future.

I am also thinking about a few other trips as well. I really need to go back to KS to visit soon, and I am still trying to get the Maine trip thought about. With the possibility of working extended well past my regular season I don’t know if I can get there when the leaves are changing and that’s one thing I wanted to see while there. I really wanted to drive and pull the trailer there to have wheels and a bed too. I may have to wait until next Fall to do it. I am still looking into going to Europe next Spring too.

There’s today’s post!


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