Back to Work

Tomorrow is Monday for me, and the first day of commuting for me in many years other than my short Post Office stint nearly three years ago. Hard to believe that phase of life was so long ago, but good riddance to it. It was a bad time with a lot of bad things that happened.

Today I went to find more furniture but only found one thing I could use. The rest of it will have to wait until next week. I can get by until then so I tried to relax a little today. I took a walk around town today when I got back from shopping. While out and about I discovered that there is a liquor store in the building across the street from me! Another plus! I went in for a look around and got a bottle of Two Vines Cab-Merlot for later. It is one of my favorite wines. It is cheaper than vodka, but I was tempted. They had not only my favorite, Grey Goose, but they also had 44 Degrees North huckleberry vodka, a fine American-made vodka that is quite a hit at parties. I’m thinking I need to get a bottle of that and sit down with some people I work with and sip on that.

Not as hot today and we have much cooler weather moving in along with something that they call “rain”. I have heard of it around these parts. I am not sure what that is but there are stories of it from the old-timers.

I am probably going to be on OT again this week. Commuting will take up time in the day so I don’t know when I will be back posting – it may be a few days. I do try to post when I have something to say, though.

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