August 3rd, 2017

Today I started moving stuff into my apartment. I got cut short on time a little bit because of the heat. I also had to take my truck in to get some brake work done on it. Grinding seems to have developed in the last few days and that’s never a good $ign.

I also had to run and buy a stand-alone air conditioner today. I really didn’t want to spend the money but I had to. It is so hot, and my apartment’s on the second floor facing west. I cannot sleep at all when it’s hot. I have enough trouble sleeping as it is but add the heat on top of that and I might as well be up doing something since I can’t sleep.

I was sitting in the apartment today thinking how strange it is to be there. I haven’t read an apartment for nearly 40 years. My first apartment was in a building in Leavenworth Kansas that used to be a three-story house belonging to some of the upper crust in town. It is still on Broadway along with all the other big old houses with the old money. I remember the guy who was managing the place telling me that on the third floor there used to be a dancehall. I bet it was something else to see in the day. 

The house has a round the corner like a castle on it on one side and that was where my bedroom was. That was strange yet cool. It was a princely sum of $110 a month!

I remember waking up suddenly one morning for some reason and seeing what I thought was smoke filling the apartment. Needless to say, I flew out of bed and ran the other room to see what was on fire while freaking out a bit half asleep. I discovered that the pressure valve on the steam radiator had stuck and it filled the room with steam. The paint was even peeling off the walls! 

So here I am, 40 years later, sitting in another apartment. I have made payments on four houses during that time, thinking I would never rent again (which there was a rental or two in there while moving). It is completely different now though. I don’t anticipate ever buying another house again after my last experience and losing my ass on that “investment”. 

Will I move again? Probably not, but there is that chance so why drop anchor? I want, and enjoy, the freedom to move if I want to.

I do plan on being in this place for quite a while though. The convenience is nice, but it sucks to commute. But, I can set my iMac back up and start working on music again. Equipped kitchen is good. Bottom line is that it’s a place to call “home” and I can stretch out. I could even have company!

I have lived where I work the last five years and I needed to be away from that. I am glad all the pieces fell into place.

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