August 8th, 2017

I write this while watching “Lost in Translation”…it’s my first night in the new apartment! Such a good movie – one of my fall-time favorites. I got the TV set up and hooked up this box that came with my hearing aids. It streams the TV audio to a receiver around my neck, which in turn feeds the sound into my hearing aids. I can have my audio as loud as I want and the neighbors will hear nothing. That’s pretty cool.

It’s been really busy at work. I have been working a lot of OT so it feels great to relax tonight. It’s been pretty warm in the area and I am not liking that much. I have to get more moving done in the cooler parts of the next few days and have a new microwave oven coming Thursday and have to go buy some things I need tomorrow when it warms up – it makes sense to shop inside when it warms up later in the day. I did bring some things with me today and got most of it setup and put away.

My dad got out of the hospital a couple of days ago so that was good news. He’s better but still not 100%. I need to get back there for a visit soon.

I haven’t gotten my ticket to fly to Maine yet but I have been thinking about it lately so I probably will be buying soon.

I didn’t realize it was so late so I am done for the evening. Busy day tomorrow!

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