Good Thing I Bought the “Savory” Beef Gravy…

I just had a giant bowl of mashed potatoes with the above-mentioned “savory” beef gravy. No real need to put that on the jar since that is the hope…savory. “Beef” and “savory ” kinda go together already. I’ve been watching my diet closer so today is a “free” day hence the spuds. In fact, the whole weekend might be but I tend to get guilty if I cheat too much.

Well, I got to my destination a little bit ago. I am writing this on my iPad so I’ll try to post some pictures and tell you more about where I am soon, but I am on the east side of the Cascades. It’s pretty damn warm over here…no, it’s downright hot. It was 88 when I got here, but tonight it will be cool sleeping with the windows open! Tomorrow’s gonna be hot too, but that’s okay. It’s why there is air conditioning. I just opened the windows and there is a nice breeze blowing through. Much different than the Peninsula.

I hope to score some fresh fruit while I am over here, especially cherries. I saw row after row of trees on my way here. Rainier cherries, that is. I do love the Bing cherries, but the Rainiers are even better. One of my favorite fruits along with most any berry. I will have to see what veggie selection they have over here too. I have been on a cauliflower kick lately but I’ll find out tomorrow what there is. I may look at some wines too.

I have a few places I want to go see and things I want to do tomorrow. I am gonna be on vacation and be a tourist. Even though it is only for two days I am gonna relax and have some fun.

Its a bit odd for me to do this travel trailer thing. I have always been a tent camper – a purist, if you will – sleeping on the cold, hard ground. After renting an RV in Alaska I thought “You know, they may be on to something here!”. After the wreck my back and especially my neck just cannot take it anymore. Well, okay, I like the “luxury” now too…

I guess the biggest thing that is odd that it is really mine. And yes it occurs to me how I ended up with it, too. It’s just the fact that I have not owned much the last five years since I left Colorado. Now I have acquired this “bigger thing” that’s larger than everything else I own and I can fit most of what I own inside of it. I can definitely see the fun aspect from a tiny trailer that goes where bigger ones can’t. It’s cozy and really around the same size as my tiny house in the San Juans. But THIS tiny house goes with me and will for quite a while to come. It’s easy to tow, easy to maneuver, and has everything you need to get by quite comfortably.

This “campground” is in a great location (I used to cringe at that word since “campgrounds”, when I was a tenter, did not have electricity or other hookups. They were primitive.). Here I have water and electricity but no sewer. That’s fine though. I’ll dump it on the way out when I head back home. It is quite scenic here and they have a nice place. I have not really explored this part of the state at all so it’s uncharted territory for me and I’m excited to explore.

Well, that’s about it for now.


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