Ahh, Relaxation!

The weather today ended up being rather nice – sunny and in the 60s and my kind of weather. It was a perfect day to work on the trailer. I was wanting to go for an overnight shakedown cruise with the trailer but last night’s forecast stopped me from doing so. No, it didn’t rain, but things got done to the trailer.

I got some of the wiring done for the new water heater element, but I could not get it completed since I did not have some tools that I needed for the install. I also got a new water inlet installed and then I checked the sewer hoses and got another adapter for that ordered. The new porch light fell apart and then the switch broke when installing it so I said the hell with it and just re-installed the old one. Odd the quality was so bad since it was from the same company that I got my LED lights from and they are good quality.

It is fun doing this stuff actually. Some of these things are maintenance that needs done, but the rest offers convenience and savings so I don’t mind doing them. Most of the things are “plug and play” so they are really not that hard to do.

My insomnia caught up with me this afternoon and I nodded off for a few minutes when I sat down for a quick break. I finally fell asleep about 1:30 a.m. this morning and woke up at 5:30 a.m. for some reason. My neck is hurting more than usual today so it’s time for a hot shower, some meds, and some herbal patches to try to get it calmed down. I am having some issues with the dexterity in my hands today that are probably due to my  neck. Grasping things can be problematic and sometimes I just cannot pick things up at all. After the wreck I could not even hold a nail still to hammer it in so at least it is not that bad now.

This neck thing gets pretty damn frustrating. Constant pain gets tiring, and the numbness and dexterity problems are a bit alarming I must say. I hope to get it calmed down and get it a little more under control but I think I am going to need to find another acupuncturist closer that I can go to. I really like the guy in the San Juans but it is so expensive with at least one hotel, ferry ride, the cost of the appointment, and the fuel to go back and forth per trip. That adds up to an expensive day, and that’s if I don’t get a massage at the same time.

That’s about it for now. Thanks for stopping by!


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