A Long Day…But, it’s the Weekend!

FINALLY! Two days off! I am really looking forward to it, too. I have had only one day off in the last week and a half so yeah I am ready for it.

I spent all day today pulling heavy equipment on trailers to another office – two four-hour roundtrips that ended up being a 11 hour day with all of the stopping I had to do on top of the driving. I did get to spend a lot of time on both the excavator and tractor getting lots of training time in (I already had experience and knew how to run them – I am just trying to get my certification to operate them).

Unfortunately it is supposed to rain or I would take the trailer out but maybe I can find some other areas I can get away to if there are any without rain. The rain is also going to hamper some more things I am trying to get done with the trailer but I have a few things I can still do. I got my caulking/sealer from Amazon so I need to pull out the windows and clean and re-seal them, the clearance lights, the new porch light, and a new stove vent. I will get my water heater conversion done tomorrow quickly and easily and install the new water inlet for the water tank. All that stuff aside, the trailer is really ready to go. The windows are okay for now, along with the porch light and the stove vent (they just need re-done). I got another new part from Amazon today for the sewer hose so I need to look at that tomorrow as well to make sure that that vital part of the puzzle is in place too!

With the weather being so nice lately it’s giving me the travel fever and only one thing can fix that!

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