Stick a Fork In It

The 2017 Memorial Day Weekend is done.

It was a busy one from our points of view. We spent MANY hours in several areas that are normally really busy with visitors so you can imagine how that must’ve been. Many cars were ticketed and/or towed because there were so many vehicles trying to park ANYWHERE, it was fairly warm (to me it was hot), and tons of people were just trying to get into nature somehow someway for their form of recreating for the time (and money) that they could spend getting away.

It was all good, though. I am lucky that I get to work with some fantastic people in a fantastic place (as I have been lucky to do since my career change five years ago). In a sense, to me it is much like the old days of stage-lighting work. We spend all winter getting things ready then nature comes and takes the stage to rock our world for several months. Then, after the show, we tear the stage down and get ready to do it again for the next tour next year. It’s really a pretty cool thing to be a part of, yet we are active participants and not just stagehands in that we are not so much behind the scenes but also visible on the stage during the show in a sense. The rush of putting on a great show was so intense and rewarding back in the day, and my current gig has that same energy to me.

Luckily, this gig takes place daily in an outdoor amphitheater!

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