Sunshine, a Bic Lighter, Sausages, Guinness…What More Can You Ask For?

An absolutely gorgeous day today.

I woke up to sunshine and the birds carrying on. A crisp morning – even with the sunshine – so I decided that it was a good time to make up breakfast for the week and toss it in the fridge.

That bought me enough time to get outside when it was a bit warmer. Shoes? Don’t need ’em today! Soft grass and bare feet…that’s what I’m talking about. They say it’s good for you in different ways, but it just feels damn good to be barefoot. It’s even better to know that I won’t end up infested with chiggers doing it.

I ended up thinking I should grill chicken that I bought yesterday so I tried to light a fire. We have had quite a bit of rain lately, and the rain the last few days was pretty epic in its intensity, so the firewood I had was still quite wet despite being seasoned. It took me quite a while to finally get it going and “going” was a relative term. It was not hot enough to grill my chicken so I cooked up a couple of cheddar sausages instead.

It was nice having a fire. As I was trying to get the damn fire going I kept thinking to myself that I COULD just quit trying to get the fire going, but NO! If I could not cook my chicken at least I can grill up the sausages and not have to nuke them in the microwave. My perseverance paid off eventually and they were tasty.

Didn’t really matter how long it took. I was outdoors enjoying this fine day. I didn’t even think of looking at my phone for at least four hours. I am usually not enslaved by my phone. Sometimes there is signal where I am, and sometimes there isn’t. I don’t let it get to me.

Sure makes me ready to go on an adventure someplace, sitting by the fire at night, roasting stuff, eating stuff, drinking stuff, and thinking about stuff…or, better yet, no stuff at all.

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