Big Day Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Angie and Alexis fly in to SeaTac and I will be picking them up after dropping off my trailer at a storage facility. I will be gone for a few days and I want it in a secure location while I am gone. Plus, it will not be in the way if someone needs to get by.

We will have a great time I am sure. I have been wanting to hang out in Seattle for a while and do some exploring but I am excited about the whole adventure. There are many things to see – the Pacific Coast on US 101, monorail, the Hoh rainforest, MoPOP, Pike Place, the Five Point, food, food and food. Most of all, fun shall be had. Since they have never been here before it will be all new to them and they are excited to get here.

The work season is going to be ramping up shortly so I am trying to make the most of any remaining time off I have left. I hope to get the trailer out and about before work resumes so I can enjoy some quiet time away.

I will be contacting my insurance agent to see about getting the trailer damage from my trailer tire fixed. I hope they will cover it. Most of the damage is beyond what I can repair myself. I have it taken care of pretty good for a temporary fix but it really needs to be done by the pros.

I’ll post pictures as soon as I can post them. We will be wandering about for the next few days so it may not be until after I return.


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