March 3rd, 2017

Back to the PNW!

I left Leavenworth, KS this morning to start my journey homeward. One more road trip across I-70, and this trip made me do some more thinking…

I got to Rosedale’s for a ham and beef combo and fries with my dad. The best Q as always. The place with the 6-legged cow near Oakley, KS appears to be shut down finally – no doubt due to the conditions the animals were kept in. Absolutely horrible the one and only time I visited the place and I am damn glad it’s gone. The porn store near Abilene with the Jesus billboard in the parking lot is still there. And then, I saw people in a car wearing surgical masks pass me. And THEN… I saw one of the funniest signs I have ever seen, and it was a sign for the local 24-7 Truck Stop franchise someplace in KS. A picture is worth a million words, but I didn’t get a picture. Fret not… it said this, in emojis – smiling poop, gas pump, thumb up. Cracked me up. Gotta figure out how to show that…

One thing I really remember about traveling this highway when I was a youngster was nearly every exit had a Stuckey’s. Pecan log rolls and boiled peanuts in a can to go along with your new rubber tomahawk and Auto Bingo! A few of the exits had a Nickerson Farms, which was a bit more upscale and had a Bavarian look to them. There were also the Howard Johnson’s at the Lawrence and Topeka “Service Centers”. The skeletons of these are all along I-70 as well as many other highways and brands.

But best of all, the Cozy Inn is still putting out those juicy little burgers and they are still delicious! Granted, the smell of onions is still in my clothes but it was worth it. I just had to ride with the windows down for a few hours!

My Rig and the Cozy

The Short, Short Trailer and my Truck in Front of the Cozy Inn!


The guy that owns the place told me that they average about 1300 burgers a day. He also told me how many pounds of onions but I cannot remember how many – each onion is hand-diced. A must-do if you are in Salina, KS!

The wind was horrendous across the entire state. I ended up getting just over 7 mpg. Yes, you heard me… seven. That was quite different from nearly 18 on the way down. Yeah, it’s not a Prius. But also YEAH! It’s NOT a Prius!

So now I sit here typing this in an RV campground in Colorado. This is a different thing for me but something I need to get used to. I have always been a tent camper and enjoyed dispersed camping in the forest. This is definitely not that. It is something new for me and it will come with time and the more I do this. Plus, I will not be doing this all the time – only on occasion when I need utilities or a pool.

Just after I landed for the evening I got myself a Twitter account started up. Not sure what it’ll accomplish quite yet but I linked my blog to it. I can be found on there as ShortShortTrailer or @ShortShortTrlr. Gotta get up to speed on the Twitter thing so bear with me.


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