Been Kinda Quiet Lately…


Last week I was under the weather so I was laid-out for several days. Could not do anything except recover so that’s what I did. Impressed by Zicam – used it at the onset and I have to say that stuff works pretty good. I think it was not as severe or as lengthy as it has been in the past so that’s something to use again.

I did not buy any “cold medicines” otherwise this time because of all the studies showing that they really do not do much. I really didn’t need them after all. I took a chance and it paid off as well with some savings.

I’m anxious to go get the trailer but the weather is still too unpredictable to drive down and tow it back up here. I am now hoping to go in March so the weather should be not as unpredictable. Work will be resuming soon but I will still have plenty of time to travel and see family without being too rushed.

I’ve been getting some doctor appointments out of the way to clear my calendar for traveling. I’ve been doing some volunteer time as well and we are getting some things taken care of.

On a sad note, we lost another family member. My uncle Charlie, who is my mom’s older brother, passed away last week.

That’s about it for right now. Just dropping a post to say “I’m still here!”.

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